The Most Hated Company in the PC Industry

IT Management, January 4, 2008 - By Mike Elgan:

Who in the hell is Asustek, and why does Microsoft hate them more than any other company in the industry? Why does Apple, Dell and Palm Computing hate them?

And why does Intel love them?

Taiwan's Asustek - better known as ASUS - is one of the most interesting, innovative and fastest-growing companies in technology.

At its core, Asustek makes motherboards - more than any other company. Asustek motherboards are the heart of Sony's PlayStation 2 consoles, Apple MacBooks, Alienware PCs, and some HP computers.

So why is Asustek the most hated company in the industry?

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TheOtherSide4574d ago

I want one.

The article is great, Asus is an ace in my book.
Hopefully will make others follow, cheap functional no manure involve in the process, us consumers are greatfull.

Rattles4574d ago

asu e te c....??? thing. if microsoft hates them it must be good.

strongbad14414574d ago

the one thing i don't like is the lack of horsepower.

i'm not in the market for a pc with a 900 MHz processor.

but other than that, it's great. i hope it continues to get better with even lower prices

moujahed4574d ago

I think these laptops are made for surfing the net, sending e-mails, typing reports, and crap like that. Which is plus because most people use their computers for what i mentioned with the addition of downloading music, and videos.

It's good to see a company tend to the public, versus trying to rape them of their money.

gamesR4fun4574d ago

still for less than 300 this will play your vids browse email and all that good stuff and do it faster and safer than you could with windows...

Wonder what the 499 'delux' model looks like.

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The story is too old to be commented.