What does the HD DVD meltdown mean for Xbox 360?

Thoughtful opinion piece suggesting that the HD DVD meltdown isn't a huge problem for Microsoft, since its policy of only selling external HD DVD drives for Xbox 360 means it can switch to external Blu-ray drives fairly swiftly. However, it does seem to rule out the rumour of an Xbox 360 Ultimate with built-in HD DVD drive - although Microsoft itself has already denied that speculation.

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Darkiewonder4030d ago

HD-DVD addon didn't afffect the 360 side especially the games. For the videophiles? Sure, maybe. but as far as gaming goes nothing.

consolewar4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

after this news my uncle&brother(clueless guys ever) are contemplating getting a Ps3 instead this summer. So yes it matters, sorry but it's true.

*Edit now my brother says the same, wow.

mikeslemonade4030d ago

Don't think that Sony will allow MS or Toshiba to buy cheap blu-ray parts to make a sub $200 360 blu-ray addon. Sony will not allow anything under $400 as they do still currently own the two cheapest blu-ray player. For those 360 fans looking to buy a $150 blu-ray addon you need to keep dreaming. Just buy the PS3 you haters.

Mr PS34030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Well its one of many stake's through the black hearts of xbots !!
And to make em feel a little better i'm goona sing a few songs !! Now c'mon everybody feel free to join in if you know the words

Blu river wider than a mile i don't think i'll see an xbot smile today !!

Tru Blu baby i love you You know i'm thinkin of ,Your blu ray disk fits my PS3 like a glove !!

And the best for last c'mon xbots join in !!

Blu Moon i saw an xbot standing alone , His HD DVD add on he had thrown and now all he's gonna do is whine,p!ss and moan

Ha Ha suck it xbots

marinelife94030d ago

I disagree. There are a lot of 360 owners with shiny new Hi def television sets who still want to watch hi def movies on them. The live download service doesn't have day and date releases with Blu-Ray some don't get released to download at all.

You're choice is to buy a PS3 or Blu-Ray player and enjoy that HD theater, stick with what you have while hoping MS's download service catches up, or give up and just keep watching your Transformers disc over and over again until you become legend.

mesh14030d ago

GUYS HAH ADONT WORR the 360 game attach ratio just ends the ps3 driods dreams people buy the 360 for games thus the software sales show =) whiile ppl buy the ps3 for blueray so the ps3 will still get lame 3rd party support and blue ray movies which i dont care about and the 360 will dominate on what its meant to be a games machine

allatain4030d ago

Your Live download service is NOT GOING TO BE HD (KEY POINT HERE),

Comparing HD video to Live Download is comparing 480i to 1080P, THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE

The bandwidth requirements and storage space requirements will kill any chance that the 360 will even come close to HD video playback while streaming

unlimited4030d ago

Blu-Ray is used for games and there a lot of exclusive coming out for the ps3 this year..If ps3 owner want to use it for GAMES and MOVIES then them do it.. just look what dvd did for the ps2..

ravenguard884030d ago

I'm sorry to hear how little understanding you have of a service you likely never used.

The Xbox Live marketplaces offers videos in 480i, 480p, and 720p. 720p is considered High-Definition by today's standards. I don't know where you heard that you stream all the videos. You also clearly have a further misunderstanding of the service or don't understand what streaming means.

Play B3yond4030d ago

To end all of this the workers of MS and the workers of Sony should be put in a big room and just have a big rumble and the winner just wins the console and format war

marinelife94030d ago

Live offers HD downloads as well as standard def. They just don't get them on day and date with DVD's and hi def.

allatain4029d ago

with MS on pricing strategy, I'm willing to bet that they are going to charge a heftly price of the same content, do you guys really want to pay for 1080P and get only 720P

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Genki4030d ago

The 360 was never marketed as or meant to be an HD movie player. It doesn't use them for games and you can't view the movies without and add-on.

Who it might mean something for are those who bought the add-on, but regardless, it still won't have any detrimental effects on the 360.

Guwapo774030d ago

Sorry bro, but I'm going to have to disagree. The 360 became an HD movie player and advertised as such once they released the firmware to allow it to do 1080p. Secondly, when they added the HD-DVD became a "multi-media hub" and rightfully advertised as such.

Remember it's all about getting the best bang for the buck my friend. Or in the 360 case "appear" that your getting the best bang for the buck.

ReBurn4030d ago

The 360 was never advertised as a movie player when it was made capable of 1080p. If it was, I would like for you to provide a link to said advertising. The HD-DVD addon was just that, an add-on. Microsoft never made the system out to be a movie player, and some people do play games in 1080p.

ravinash4030d ago

If the new device is a bigger hard drive, then maybe to push will be for more downloadable more 'FULL' games will be released via the Live network.

TheExecutive4030d ago

i really doubt downloadable content is the savior you think it is.

Fux4Bux4030d ago

Yeah MS never really had much of a stake in it since they have absolutely nothing to do with the movie industry. It was really just to counter Sony and seems to have failed. Only people who will suffer are the fools who rushed out and bought the add-on or a player. 360 itself won't be affected. But Blu-ray was always a safe choice since it was in PS3 and that's exactly why it has won.

Snukadaman4030d ago

I bought the hd-dvd add on for 170 heroes hd-dvd...and 7 free movies...I lost the thing upconverts movies...if anything there are 1080i upconverters for about 200 bucks..this works just fine of you own a 360...and they will be cheaper too.

Guwapo774030d ago

Microsoft has a lot to do with the movie industry. They make codecs, they're use their software, the list can go on and on. But hands down the biggest part Microsoft wants Digital Distribution so they can get royalties on every movie downloaded.

Now for the 360 add-on. It had a significant roll in the amount of HDD sold. This article is a month old now...but it gives you an idea. OF 750,000 HD-DVDs sold 269,000 of them were 360 add-ons. You can't tell me this inexpensive add-on didn't play a major roll in the format war.