rFactor 2 gives Project CARS a run for its money; amazing screenshots from this pure-sim racing game

DSOGaming writes: "We’ve been covering extensively Project CARS these past weeks and admit it, it does look great, right? Well, time for a nice surprise as BSNismo – the man behind some impressive videos for Project CARS – has shared some astonishing screenshots from Project CARS’ rival, rFactor 2. rFactor 2 looks amazing and can look as good as Project CARS. Not only that, but ISI’s racing game is a better and more hardcore sim racing game. The tire deformation in particular is by far the best we’ve ever seen."

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RyuDrinksTheDew4462d ago

the tire deformation looks fantastic.

both games definitely deliver on the visual side of things.

i wonder which will play better? cant wait!

john24462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

Project CARS is semi-sim (you can say that it's what Shift 2 should have been). rFactor 2 is hardcore sim. That's what everyone is getting from their current versions that are available, so doubt we'll see any major changes to their overall direction

ATi_Elite4462d ago

Project cars is pretty dam good in pre alpha phase!

rFactor is in Beta!

I think Project cars is gonna win in graphics and gameplay!


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North Yorkshire's Croft Circuit heading to rFactor 2 simulator

Croft, a tricky circuit based in the North of England, is set to receive its first ever laser-scan to form part of this month's rFactor 2 DLC drop.


Romain Grosjean to assist the development of rFactor 2

The current IndyCar and former Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean is joining the sim racing game rFactor 2's development team as a Motorsport Games technical esports advisor.

badz149815d ago

woohoo...fiery explosions!!

Magog815d ago

So I guess the game is going to take out its team mate on the first lap then run into the pit wall.