Nintendo DS and PSP set to go green

Gamer.Blorge, January 4, 2008 - By James Walker:

Environmentally conscious gamers the world over may soon be able to spread their desire to help the environment to their gaming as both the PSP and Nintendo DS will soon have "green" power alternatives.

Third-party peripheral manufacturers PEGA and GameTech have recently introduced alternative chargers for the redesigned PSP and Nintendo DS.

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WAR_MACHINE774033d ago

this is a waste of a product. Hippies don't have money and if the did they would be far too busy smoking pot, avoiding work, and not bathing to play video games.

SaiyanFury4033d ago

Green gamers? Do gamers really give a flying feck about the environment? I've been a gamer for 20+ years and the environment was never close to my mind. Especially since the whole global warming thing was concocted by politicians. I've studied the whole trend myself without influence from other sources and it's a bunch of bunk. I'll stick to charging my PSP with it's supplied power cable.

moujahed4033d ago

Watch, Microsoft is gonna release a hand-held, powered by bio-fuel, and pubic hair.