BD-R option on new Apple Laptops

Apple will be announcing a new laptop at upcoming CES 2008 with a possible Blu-ray burner option.

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Apocalypse Shadow4029d ago

for hd-dvd fanboys.step out the way 360 you might get caught in the slip stream and get run over.

mag lev....................more to come........because it aint over..........C.....E.......S. .........

roybatty4029d ago

I'm a PC guy myself but I do use my wifes Mac book sometimes. A laptop with a BD burner would be waaaay nice but probably way expensive too.

TheTwelve4029d ago

Yeah, my wife is a Mac person, and I'm a blu-ray fan. Looks like I'm going Mac now.


whoelse4029d ago

Wow i didnt expect a Blu-ray burner, but ofcource this is speculation but definetly expect a Blu-ray drive in Macbook PROs very soon! It kind of makes me want once myself! :D

akaFullMetal4029d ago

another indication if true, that hd-dvd is pretty much beaten, lets hope, so the war can be over

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