Top 5 Mario Games

What can be said about Mario that hasn’t already been said a million times? From his first appearance as “Jump Man” in Donkey Kong all the way up to recent hits like Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land, Mario has had a profound impact on gaming. Nintendo wouldn’t be where it is without the success of a character like Mario.

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ps360wiihdera2544d ago

The best mario game SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2 aka best game of the 7th gen does not make it to the list?


ThankYou_KindSir2544d ago

He should have made this a list of 3 games:

- Super Mario All Stars
- Mario 64
- Mario Galaxy

In no particular order.

karlowma2544d ago

Mario All Stars would be a cop out in this list; it's a compilation of four separate titles.

Samus HD2544d ago

Agree with you ( SMG1-2 is just a perfect Game ) I have no doubts

Ness-Psi2544d ago

Paper Mario all the way for me, followed by Luigi's Mansion

CoryHG2544d ago

How is 3 or 3d land not on here?

5. Mario 1
4. Mario galaxy
3. Mario 3
2. World
1. 3d land

oldfriend862544d ago

If #4 was Super Mario 3, then that list would be perfect.

karlowma2544d ago

I would replace Galaxy with Galaxy 2, and Super Mario World with Yoshi's Island. And yeah, there needs to be a way to get Mario 3 in there.

Pretty much every Mario game is great!

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