NotATrueEnding Reviews Unreal Tournament 3 for PS3

"Unreal Tournament 3, which is in reality the fourth Unreal Tournament game and either the seventh or eighth Unreal game in general (depending on whether you consider Unreal Championship a standalone Unreal title or a console port of Unreal Tournament 2K3) marks the return of the Unreal Tournament franchise after a three year hiatus following Unreal Tournament 2K4. Not that the Unreal franchise hasn't been kicking around in the meantime, mind you, but with a three year absence, the overwhelming desire to cram a Flak Cannon into someone's grill is substantial and cannot be denied. Epic has realized this thing, and with the creation of a brand new game engine (dubbed the Unreal 3 engine, natch) they've opted to release a new Unreal Tournament to go along with it, hence the 3 on the end of the title," writes NotATrueEnding.

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GCO Gamer4034d ago

I'll give this gamw a ten out of 10 because it just super fun

jomigirock4034d ago

Having a critic is some what worthless, there only job is to tell us if the game is worthless or not. Well that's kind of dumb, why would some one just accept someone else opinion when they could make their own rebuttal if it's good or not. But I agree with you GCO Gamer the game is great on PS3 and will be great on Live also.

ravinash4034d ago

When they give it such a low score for replayability...are they just looking at the single player game which they admitted is just a training thing for people to play before starting online?
But with Mods, this will keep the game fresh on the multi player, which lets face it is the main reason people buy this.
Plus the low score for originality....Well of course its not original, is an up date to one of the original FPS games that there was from the first games like Doom, Quake and Unreal.
Unreal is one of those titles where most people who have played on computers has had a look at and played. But the reason why its lasted so long is because its a good game and people still want to play why change a winning formula?


i cant put this game down,its so addicting.warfare and vehicle ctf are the best modes.the grafics are nothing short of stunning and the controls are silky smooth.PLAY B3YOND!