2D Action Adventuring Returns Today with Rayman Origins

Today, Ubi Soft has released Rayman Origins on PC through Steam. We also have received a few choice screens to show our readers. We have interspersed some more shots from the demo that we captured, just to spice up things (who wants to read yet ANOTHER post with the exact same pics as everyone else?).

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karlowma3125d ago

Seriously, if you don't have this game... Get this game!!! Definitely should have gotten more consideration than it did for GotY 2011. Music, animation, gameplay, everything about Rayman Origins is astounding. I almost died laughing at the music the first time I hopped on the mosquito. In fact I laugh a lot when playing this game, and that's a good thing.

longcat3125d ago

the opening music was awesome. it immediately put you in the mood to play the game.

BuffMordecai3125d ago

This is about as close to perfect we are going to see for a 2d platformer this gen.