Padding Mass Effect

The POW Block said: "Playing through the Mass Effect series is like eating an entire cake in one sitting. It’s incredibly awesome while you’re doing it, but once you finish you’re not going to be feeling too pleasant. If presented with the opportunity again, of course you would do it because cake is awesome. When I finished Mass Effect 3 I decided that I wanted to replay the series back to back because I remembered how much fun I had playing through the games, regardless of the quality of the ending."

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Hitster2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )


Hitster2758d ago

Well it could be worse, you could have to scan for minerals on the planet using the mako...

Andrew Wiggin2758d ago

That's the worst thing I can ever think of

strange19862757d ago

Eh, I don't really mind the planet scanning too much. I find it almost zen-like at times, especially with that kickass tune playing in the background. That being said, I am really glad you start out with 50,000 of each element once you start up another playthrough. I definitely wouldn't want to start from scratch every damn time.