The challenges of bringing triple-A to iOS

Making a triple-A game for iOS means more than changing the control scheme. Developers need a whole new design mindset to really make it work.

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THR1LLHOUSE3490d ago

I think this is the reason .99 games do so well on the app store. It's not that people are cheap (well, not entirely), I think it's that people realize the games might not necessarily hook them for long enough to warrant $5 or whatever.

Not saying I agree with the practice or anything, just saying it's a theory.

SybaRat3490d ago

It's such a low barrier to entry that even if it sucks, who cares? You only spent a buck. What did you expect for a buck...Uncharted 2?

THR1LLHOUSE3489d ago

Right, and as the author says here, the AAA games don't necessarily work all that well, so when I can by 5 games for the same price as one, some of which might be good, why risk all that money on one that probably won't be?