Warner Explains Its Move to Blu-ray in Interview

Yahoo! Tech, Fri Jan 4, 2008:

Today Warner Bros. became the latest (and final) studio to pick a side in the high-def DVD battle. Warner Home Entertainment president Kevin Tsujihara spoke to a handful of tech bloggers today to further explain why WB made the decision it did.

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Shaka2K64871d ago

Why settle for 2nd best?

Blu-ray is the superior format with the best technology and exclusive movies, you cant defy Sony or you will get owned just like microsoft and toshiba.

Marceles4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

Other: (10 minutes ago)
i agree with you RP --MY LOVE
Reported by: TANOD

uh...that's creepy *backs away from TANOD*

Back to the story...they're even delaying HD-DVD releases? wow...just beat them into a puddle why don't you. Go Blu!

I want to hear what Michael Bay is gonna say now

TriggerHappy4871d ago

Both of ya all need to get you heads out of the gutter. I dislike Tanod for been too fanboyish but I believe what he is trying to say is that, PEG is actually posting positive PS3 news....which is MEGATON..

TANOD4871d ago

from now on you are my life

rofldings4871d ago

It seems a single format has brought RP & TANOD together. ;)

Zool 084871d ago

It was only a matter of time. I can safely say it's over for hd dvd but then again it's not suprising, given the fact that Bluray was outselling Hd dvd by 2 to 1 one in the U.S and dead to the rest of the world.

Zool 084871d ago

It was only a matter of time. I can safely say it's over for hd dvd but then again it's not surprising, given the fact that Bluray was outselling Hd dvd by 2 to 1 one in the U.S and dead to the rest of the world, now it's only a matter of time when Universal and Paramount will follow suit.

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Meus Renaissance4871d ago

Ok, no more articles about this now please unless there is one with Bill Gates b!tch slapping Tsujihara in protest of this decision. I approved this one as it has somewhat of an interview.


REbirth4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

halo 3 was worth!! but you're right...this is still a game site, not a cinema forum...

Rybnik4871d ago

Agree Mues, enough is enough. And to those that want to gloat about Blu-Ray winning, thats your perogotive, but don't attack members who may have bought into HDDVD, as the real blame should fall to the HDDVD companies that have been trying to prolong the inevitable.

I do feel sorry for those who bought into HDDVD, though as this has hurt them greatly. I'm just glad it happened now because, had Warner waited there would have been an even greater loss to the consumer, even to the point of purhaps no viable HD format other than DD.

RecSpec4871d ago

Six or seven of the last news stories have been about this. I'm tired of this. Was there this much complaining when Betamax was around?

Rexysgod4871d ago

Non Ps3 owners don't know what they are missing. i can confidently tell everyone in this forum that, ignorance will let any one compare xbox 360 to Ps3. I am an Xbox360 owner but after taking the Ps3 for a test drive i Can't wait to send my Xbox360 to the Pawn Shop. Microsoft can keep my Xbox live accounts and Points. I'm Done!

socomnick4871d ago

Ps3=early 90's Japanese ricer - all flash no real performance.
Xbox 360= American muscle car - no useless addons just pure power.
Wii= Toyota Camry = Everyone and their grandma drives em.

Gaara_7244871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

i think u meant thins?? (seams a more realistick one)

ps3 = bugatti veyron (y fastest road leagil car ahould go with the FASYEST COMPUTER IN THE WORLD soz for caps)

wii = vauxhall corsa (nice when u're yung boaring when u're older)

xbox 360 - The much-maligned AMC Pacer breaks down........alot

@ person below me lol actualy it was 2 mins lol

rofldings4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

PS3 = Bugatti Veyron.
360 = Ford - (Reliability)
Wii = Toyota/Honda Corolla/Civic

edit: lol damn, @above, beat me by 1 minute. ;(

Bathyj4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

Ha Socomnick, thats so funny.

Xbox 360= American muscle car - no useless addons just pure power.

You mean nothing but power. No class, no finesse. No reliability. Prone to breakdown and not sold anywhere but the good ol' USA. Sounds like that car in Futurama, the ThunderCougarFalconBird.

Thanks for the laugh, like today wasn't a good enough day already.

As of today I think the HDDVD for XB officially classifies as a "useless add-on."

Mikey_Gee4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

LAST PLACE my 360 will be going is a pawn shop.

Admit it or not ... 360 has some KILLER KILLER games on it. And even with a $60 price tag, XBL is well worth it for the online function it gives over PSN.

I look forward to putting a PS3 next to my 360 tommorow. I was just waiting to see who would come out on top in the HD war. Now that BR is pretty much in the bag in regards to winning, a PS3 for me is a no brainer.

Now, my HD-DVD drive ... well maybe I will visit the pawn shop (LOL)

n00dl3s4870d ago

I find it funny that two different people just cited the 360 for reliability... when it is easily the least reliable system ever made. Highest defect percentage combined with the whole "LIVE randomly kicking people every once in awhile" just goes to show that MSoft can't make anything reliable.

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gamesblow4871d ago

I love how everyone is still trying to put the "paid" spin on this. As if when Toshiba did it to paramount it was alright... if blu-ray camp did it to Warner, it's allllllllllllllllll wrong! "GASP"


The best man won this war... Blu-ray. Call it a damn day!

mesh14871d ago

i had a ps3 then i got an xbox 360 and saw what i was missing all the games i had on the ps3 that were muliplat olook way better on the 360 and i didnt really find the ps3 exclusive fun i rarely played warhawk.uncharted.rachet so i returned the ps3 and have never looked back the 360 is a much better gaming machine .also this is a site for games not dvds

TANOD4870d ago

YOU never had a PS3.

You had an X360 which yoiu returned to the store since you got bored

And why not since there are NO GAMES on X360


the only 2 good games on x360 are BIOSHOCK and GEARS ---but i could easily play them on PC so why buy x360 that dies within days after purchase

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