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HD DVD Promo Group Statement on Warner Decision to Back Blu-ray

Los Angeles, Jan. 4 -- The companies of the HD DVD Promotional Group today issued a statement in response to the decision by Warner Home Video to exclusively back the Blu-ray format:

"While Warner's decision is a setback for HD DVD, the consumer has benefited from HD DVD's commitment to quality and affordability -- a bar that is critical for the mainstream success of any format. We believe widespread adoption of a next generation format will ultimately be determined by the consumer."

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SO no comment? That's what it sounds like. Pretty lame article, no offense T.R.P.
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Blademask4642d ago

"We believe widespread adoption of a next generation format will ultimately be determined by the consumer.""

It has.

BLURAY. Is what consumers have bought.. in masses.

Daytona4642d ago

The public continues to buy more HD-DVD players and HD-DVD movies except for a few area's, however BR players being standard have been a temporary increase due to ps3.

Stand alone players are much greater in the HD-DVD camp, thus BR is NOT the favorite.

P.S. be a little more original and choose a name that's not a close copy of anothers. I guess your to plain for that though.

Heaven_Or_Hell4642d ago

But if your great HD-DVD player doesn't have movies to play, it's useless...

Blademask4642d ago (Edited 4642d ago )

Must suck to own the new betamax.

Keep telling yourself that HD-DVD is selling. Maybe you can show Warner the figures that their entire legal/finance/CEO/VP/Investors havent seen?

People that can afford Bluray.. Go Bluray. Broke chumps go HD-DVD and cant buy any movies.

Cheers :)

TANOD4642d ago

even Bloodmask/Round peg and others have fled cuz they know its over for HD DVD and you are the lone fighter for HD DVD

BD outsells HD DVD 4:1 in EU

9:1 in JAPAN

2:1/3:1 in NA

PS3 owners are also heavy purchasers of BD movies.

The standalone HD DVD players dont make sense since the HD DVD discs dont sell to anyone

MORE MISERY coming your way :- 100gig BD disc would be unveiled by HITACHI at CES

This format war is finished



tordavis4642d ago

And who made betamax? Sony...ahhh yes that's right. Failure number one for them in a long list of format failures. Good for them to finally win one.

If it weren't for the PS3, HD-DVD would be the clear winner. Smart move Sony.

Blademask4642d ago

if.. buh buh.. blu..buh buh...

Keep Crying.

It isn't going to make Warner change their minds.

HD-DVD is dead.

chrno64642d ago

LOL @ tordavis. IF, if the hd-dvd grows a pair of balls, u would suck it everyday.

TheTwelve4642d ago

You posted exactly what I wanted to.


Kaneda4642d ago

Zhuk, Bloodmask, and The Mart didn't buy enought HD-DVD to keep it alive..:)

chfthnder264642d ago

if that was the case then there would be about oh i say atleast 6 or 7 million bluray discs sold but it is not u can spin it n e way u like blurays attach rate is utterly pathetic besides universal and paramount has the biggest movies catalogues out of all of them, equal to about 10,000 i think

Lord_Mike4642d ago

"BR players being standard have been a temporary increase due to ps3."

Umm no $hit, Sony equipped PS3's with a Blu-ray drive for good reason. They wanted to win the format war. They have succeeded. Game over, go to sleep.

craymoogy4642d ago

"If it weren't for the PS3, HD-DVD would be the clear winner. Smart move Sony."

Eh, I think that was what Sony intended to do. Seriously, I don't like the 360 that much, but it's a really good system. I use my ps3 for movies and games.

MS failed to foreseen the future. If MS equipped HD-DVD drive for 360, then they could have won the war like last year. However, they were stupid enough to make an add-on. Why do I need to pay another 150 for something that does not work consistently?

It's all over for Toshiba and MS. Hd-DVD is going to die really soon.

Once Blu-ray wins the war, PS3 will have a spike in sales, and the number will increase tremendously. maybe that is how ps3 will beat 360 by the end of this year or mid next year.

elterrible4642d ago

The consumer hasn't chosen Blu-Ray and they're right, if you remove the PS3 (still the #3 Console) from the equation then there are more HD-DVD Players on the market than Blu-Ray.

As for claims of superiority, Sony chose a Java based software package... When has anyone known Java to be good or fast? It simply is neither and every version has been prone to memory leaks so this module will likely be no different.

Howler94434641d ago

@elterrible: Actually, as a JEE 5 developer I can tell you that Java is VERY fast and scales well. If the Java BD-J package is as well written as the libs that I've used, then it should be a rather complete and very robust software package.

Try learning Java, download the JBoss app server, write a few apps for the web and for the desktop. You'll see that Java performs pretty well. What you are probably referring to are the very early years of Java. There were issues with performance, but those issues have long been resolved.

cuco334641d ago

not even HD DVD was bought in masses. The HDM market as it sits now on both sides is a niche market taking up 1-2% of home video sales compared to DVD. TINY! There are 2 reasons why Warner went exclusive with Blu-ray. The PS3 effect of including a BD drive in every PS3 and $500million. If it were an HD DVD drive, you and every little troll would be d*ckriding HD DVD instead.

This Warner news surprised EVERYONE! Factor in that sales RATIOS overall have been 1.6:1 it was anyone's game still. I thought if the ratios stayed the same that WB would still go Blu but AFTER CES and AFTER Blu-ray got their sh*t together with player/disk incompatibilities and the profile mess.

I'm not mad at BD for luring in WB and potentially ending this HDM war since I'm neutral/purple supporting both formats... I am very disappointed at how things were done and now we have Sony having as much control as they do now. One only needs to look at their history of failed formats, strangleholding methods (see PS2 game development), DRM, etc. It is never good when 1 company has all their hands in the cookie jar.

For the record, rumors about the deal(s) were that HD DVD almost had Warner and Fox to go over but the BDA paid Fox to stay which was the other incentive for WB to go Blu aside from the $500mil. At least I know what disks I'll be buying from now on, unlike many of you PS3 fanboys who preach BD movies who don't own any you paid for yourselves ;)

ITR4641d ago

This is what the mass consumer wants.
A HD disc player sold for $99-150 buxs on either format.
They also want $19.99 HD/BD discs too.
In the current state of affairs nothing HD is too mainstream right now.

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Heaven_Or_Hell4642d ago

Can I state too on Warner goes Blu-Ray on my official blog ? I hope this will be the last...

If you want, my dog has a very good state on Warner goes Blu-Ray, funny guys.

unlimited4642d ago

HDDVD just need to go..Just declare its dead and move on..