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The Patapons are a brave and noble tribe of beings who are mocked by their enemies for looking like eyeballs with limbs. They've fallen on hard times lately as well because they're useless without a god to lead them, and it's been a while since anyone has heard from "Almighty" and his war drums. Patapon for the PSP will see you assuming the role of said deity and, through the rhythm of your handheld's mighty face buttons, attempting to restore the titular tribe to its former glory and to the homeland that it was driven from by the evil Zigaton army.

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"Regardless of the fact that Patapon is story-driven, you'll have the freedom to revisit levels and to attempt new ones in any order that you choose once they become available. The missions offer plenty of variety, but based on our experiences thus far, each of them falls into one of three categories: hunts, in which you gather resources from wildlife; battles, in which you go up against Zigaton forces; and boss fights, which pit you against dragons, giant sandworms, and the like. "

I read from others that imported finished the game around 20 hours. so 10-20 hour game!

I wonder if they'll be supporting the game with DLC like missions. Do want more then!

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This is what i call innovation baby tons of funs, even girls dig games like Locoroco so cute and so fun.

only on Sony PS you can play such innovative titles like this i love SCE.

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This game is going to start a new genre rhythm action strategy that is true innovation.