Warner: No Payoff for Move to Blu-ray

Warner Home Entertainment President Kevin Tsujihara says the studio took no pay-offs to exclusively back Blu-ray.

In a post-announcement conference call, Tsujihara flatly denied rumors that studio had accepted anywhere from 250M to $500M in exchange for dropping its HD DVD format support.

According to the exec, Warner's sole motivation in dropping its HD DVD format support was to ensure growth of the "category" and the long-term health of the industry.

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beoulve5249d ago

Any studio realize that providing non-exclusive will only do more harm to blu-ray and HD-DVD. It will slow down Consumer decision to jump in HD media war. Since they already invested money on making HD media, they aren't going to throw it away and go online HD distribution which far from ready for mainstream since 768kbps is still average mainstream download speed. So they picked side and killed one is the right one to go before you lost both.

Kaneda5249d ago

Did Warner just slap Paramount in the face?

TheTwelve5249d ago

HD DVD supporters are having a hard time understanding that Warner just chose the most common sense direction. Nobody needs to be bribed to do exactly what they want to do.


ravinash5249d ago

The Movie studios want to see a winner so they can finish the format war. The longer it goes on, the longer the average consumer is going to be scared off of going to the HD format.
BlueRay is currently the clear winner at this time, so this studio decided to bite the bullet and do what needed to be do and put its backing behind it and make sure the war will end and there is only one choice the consumer needs to make, to go HD or not to go HD...that is the question.

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unsunghero285249d ago

Just, not in that sense. Not bribery.

Warner probably noticed that Blu Ray players and titles are doing far better than HD-DVD ones, and decided to go Blu-Ray exclusive in order to maximize profits. Unlike Paramount, they don't need to be paid off to benefit from going exclusive.

[email protected]5249d ago

Well, this finally a official statement... now the HD-DVD support it can STOP the whining about "Blu-Ray Camp Buy Up the exclusivity". Well, I hope Paramount chance they position over which format support soon.

Omegasyde5249d ago

Paramount signed a 18 month deal with HD DVD in August 2007 (8/07)
~that means about 13 months until HD DVD is "officially" dead.

Then again Universal could jump ship at any time, as long as their daddy MSFT let's them.

Cuts2TheBone5249d ago

i bought a ps3 for games and not even really realizing what this blu ray thing was about, but im glad its on the winning side as more ps3 will sell now and developers wont have fear about developing for the ps3 and that games will be develop for the ps3 and then ported to xbox instead of the other way around

joemomma5249d ago

Why would they need a payoff when its obvious that blu ray is the winner?

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The story is too old to be commented.