BioWare "could" make Mass Effect for PS3, but are not currently

BioWare's community coordinator and Mass Effect team member Chris Priestly recently commented on Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter's assertion that EA-owned BioWare will make Mass Effect for the PS3. In his message posted in the official BioWare forums, Priestly revealed that BioWare "could" make Mass Effect for the PS3, but they are not working on the PS3 version currently.

Here is the relevant snippet of Priestly's comments -- in which he highlighted the word "could":

"Sorry folks, this is just another rumor at this stage. *Could* BioWare make Mass Effect for the PS3 (or the PC, or some other platform) in the future? Yes we could, but we are not working on a PS3 version currently."

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ktchong4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

Seems to me that it means BioWare is under no contractual/legal obligation to keep Mass Effect, i.e., including the first one, as an exclusive for long.

gamesR4fun4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

if they can and think they'll make good money with it they will So heres hoping for a far less bug plagued port.... Id buy it for either the pc or ps3 if they pick up the frame rate and drop the massive load time... Maybe throw in some kind auto aim on the mako and make it a lot faster....

edit o ya n dont forget the ai for gods sake we need them to actually react to what players are doing...

Gondee4029d ago

and i "could" have had sex with my married nabhor. -_-

This is retarted....

Mu5afir4029d ago

This is going to hit the PS3 in 6 months with extended content.. just like Lost Planet etc.

JasonXE4029d ago

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter

rofldings4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

If they did PS3-erize it, I'd buy that sh!t.

As long it's:
MASS EFFECT - the game
MASS EFFECT - the powerpoint presentation, like the 360 version. :)

Lifendz4029d ago

so they "could" potentially increase their sales even further by putting out a PS3 version of their hit IP. Yeah, developers hate making more money. And don't bring up Metal Gear because the game was built to take advantage of the PS3. Mass Effect would be awesome if made for a system with standard HDD and blu-ray storage.

JsonHenry4029d ago

I "could" have robbed that bank...

n_n4029d ago

this just made me re-think getting a 360... i hope it becomes multi-plat and the bugs get fixed for the ps3 version IF it happens... added content would be the cherry on top.. c'mon EA.. you guys don't do exclusive... looks like no 360 for me... for now

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Arkham4029d ago

Their wording is carefully constructed.

mintaro4029d ago

isnt this just like saying that bunjie "could" make halo for the ps3?"

lockload4029d ago

It will take them years to get any development up and running, although they may decide its is financially not worth it

gamesR4fun4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

I mean bungie couldnt make halo 3 for the ps3 because the games owned or whatever by m$...
Im hoping could means that ME is their own property they can sell has they please. In which case ill be a happy man has they may finally be able to run the game it was obviously meant to be run... (the game could own on a decent pc)

heyheyhey4029d ago

not really mintaro- halo is a first party title and thats why it wont be on the ps3 as for ME- its owned by EA so it has every chance being ported to the ps3

ravinash4029d ago

For halo3 on the PS3, all you need to do is get Unreal 3 for the PC and make the halo maps and halo character and then load them into the PS3...Wa La! Hola on the PS3!

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PS360WII4029d ago

Yea they could make any game on any system. However they are too busy making Mass Effect 2 on the 360 (hopefully I want part 2 already! with problems fixed though ^.-)

HarryEtTubMan4029d ago

the next Mass Effect game will be multiplatform and they will probally eventually make this one too.

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