5 Reasons Why Metal Gear Solid 4 is Staying PS3 Exclusive

This article gives new perspectives on why Metal Gear Solid 4 will never come to the Xbox 360.

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PStriple7034563d ago

bots are mad cause they have to buy a ps3 to play this!

TANOD4563d ago

a BAD HD DVD news can convert even a stubborn person like him to the PS3 camp

TheTwelve4562d ago

We PS3 owners are just having too much fun today. Gosh.


Douche4562d ago

I hear ya there. Some "360 owners" (bein' a little polite today) deserve this abuse (or maybe I'm not, lol). With all the ranting going on about 360 getting MGS4 even after proven wrong countless times, it feels good having xbots shut up like this...again.

n_n4562d ago

yeah.. again.. and again.. and again... this sh*t just won't die

Lifendz4562d ago

when xbots flock to any article mentioning the game is going multi-plat. Xbox family? Who ever heard of that site before they said it'd be on 360? Give me a break. Lems, you're not getting this game. The good news is I might get Mass Effect and even Bio-shock one day. MS exclusive games are not really exclusive because they make the jump to PC later anyway. You'll not see Ratchet, Uncharted, GT5, the Team ICo game, and MGS4 anywhere but PS3.

But hey, you'll always have those HD-DVD movies to enjoy.

MADGameR4562d ago

Because I checked GameTrailers and such news never appeared. It will never happen!

TANOD4563d ago (Edited 4562d ago )

the AI algorithms could only be calculated by the CELL

PEOPLE we might be lucky enough to see real time raytracing at 60FPS on TEKKEN 6.

PS3 is the only cpu/gpu that can do tertiary RAYTRACING

not even an 8800GTX can do double/secondary raytracing .

@PEOPLE below

RR7 and NGS runs at 1080p @ 60FPS

not even a LIVE game runs at 1080p NATIVE at 60fps


UNCHARTED looks milesssssssssssssssss better than any x360 title.

The only x360 title which comes remotely close to UNCHARTED is BIOSHOCK but it is REMOTELY CLOSE

UNCHARTED has the best water and the best looking environment.

CRYSIS has the best foliage



x360 is a low powerful machine

PS3 is a super powerful machine.

PS3 anc CELL can do something which contemporary CPUs/GPUs would take years to do.

CELL vs 8800GTX vs other PROCESSORS


DONT compare CELL with lower powered processors /quad cores



PC has no response against CELL

Strangelet PT4562d ago

When will people stop saying 360 isn't capable, Cell is the best, etc??

360 and PS3 are fabulouse machines. And this game is a much better game than Crysis, Mass Effect or Uncharted?

It will be a very good game indeed, but will not be a game that will make people goooo CRAZY. And believe me, if anyone managed to make a game in the next 2 years that couldn't runon PS3 or 360 it would certainly make people go CRAZY.

oohWii4562d ago

"It is too much taxing for anything other than PS3
the AI algorithms could only be calculated by the CELL

PEOPLE we might be lucky enough to see real time raytracing at 60FPS on TEKKEN 6."

Man you are so annoying and talk SO much Bullsh!t that it's just sickening. If the PS3 is so powerful, why is it that all of the Top titles to this point Uncharted, Ratchett, Motorstorm, etc are all listed at 720p.

Why didn't the devs just turn that baby loose and run these games at the full 1080p so that they would be compatible with all hd TVs. Let me ask you this, will the real time raytracing be at 1080p, I mean come on, the cell processor should be able to do this easily right. STFU! You are the most annoying poster on this site. Dude you seriously have a problem, your sh!t talking never takes a rest.

I bet even your family hates you.

I apologize to the other PS3 Fans out there, but this jerk never shuts the hell up.

Douche4562d ago (Edited 4562d ago )

The problem with you and many others is that you just don't get it. Do you believe the Cell should be able to do this all on its own? You're dumb if you said yes. Developers must know how to program for the Cell before it is capable of doing this. It doesn't magically go POOF! and there is your 1080p. If you don't have a team of developers with the correct understanding and experience with the hardware, it will never be possible, no matter how powerful what your programming for is. This is simply power developers must learn to harness. And the learning part isn't that simple. So why don't you shut up and go play ur Wii.

InMyOpinion4562d ago

There's no point trying to discuss something on threads like these. TANOD is quick to use his other 10 accounts to disagree with you.

Interesting thought, though. How come far from all games run in 1080p if the PS3 is as powerful as some people claim?

Sony's mad propaganda before they released it really paid off on some. People like TANOD act as if they were cult followers.

InMyOpinion4562d ago (Edited 4562d ago )

Double post.

uxo224562d ago (Edited 4562d ago )

@Talyboy - your argument is one that has been used for quite some time now. The PS3 has been out now for over a year, however the games being released right now have been in development for much much longer. So, while you're telling people to shutup, perhaps you can try to have a more open mind and stop being such a blind Fanboy

@ ohwii & Jenzo - You both make a very interesting points. I have had my PS3 for a while now. My biggest problem is that the TV I have it connected to doesn't support 720p. So I have missed out on some of it's best releases thus far. I got Uncharted for Christmas, but took it back because it said only 720p on the package.

I was hoping that aleast game published by Sony would be full 1080p so that I can atleast play them at 1080i. But, so far no such luck on the titles that I have been interested in. Hopefully this will change soon. Sigh..oh well so swell.

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Clinton5144562d ago

The only reason the rumor keeps coming back is because of similar articles.

1 and only 1 reason is needed, because Konami said so.

DiabloRising4562d ago

I love MGS. It's my favorite series. But I have to say... I just don't care anymore. Bring it to whatever you want, as long as the PS3 version doesn't suffer, and as long as the game is quality.

I think by 2009, third party exclusives should be dead, period. Ninja Gaiden on PS3. MGS on Xbox. Everyone enjoys everything, and then first party devs will be forced to up the ante with titles like Motorstorm 2, Infamous, etc...

Strangelet PT4562d ago

You're right. But the point here is that 3rd party exclusives today are the same as firt party games. The only thing that makes a 3P exclusive is MONEY.
Companies could afford that with PS2, where every 'GOOD' game could easly surpass the development costs.
At this moment, the best platform to make money is the 360. I believe they will make money going PS3 Only but going PS3+360 or even 360 Only would give them a MUCH more money.
So, Sony is securyng this game with a very big money bag, as they're doing with FF and MS is doing with Bioshock, Mass Effect or Ninja Gaiden 2

Lifendz4562d ago

only because of some of the jerks that are lems. You know who they are. They bash Sony repeatedly and the last bastion that remains is MGS4 and Final Fantasy when it comes to big 3rd party exclusives. I also care because, well heck, I paid all this money for this shiny black box and I want to think it can do something that the cheaper comnpeition can't. I already know it can do one thing that 360 can't do-not break down with the same frequency. But I want to believe that blu-ray, teh cell, and the SPUs are more than just inflated numbers. That they mean the difference between a MGS4 on PS3 and not on 360.

As Kojima said "PS3 is the theatre" and Xbox is a "dvd." He should have said Xbox is an HD-DVD. That would have been funny.