Warner -- Soon The World -- Is Exclusively Blu...

Scott Hettrick of Hollywood In Hi-Def writes:

It's unfortunate and not just a little frustrating that Universal never gave in to Blu-ray and even proclaimed a desire to keep the format war alive.

It's maddening that Microsoft funded HD DVD supposedly as part of a machievalian scheme to hasten the demise of all optical disc media in favor of digital downloads more suited to MS products.

And it's disappointing that Paramount/DreamWorks accepted a pile of money, reportedly from Toshiba/Microsoft, which wound up prolonging the format war by at least six months to a year.

But now that Warner has chosen Blu-ray (see media release below), regardless of the reason Warner did so (I choose to believe that they did so for all the right reasons – that it is the best format for all involved and the clear choice of consumers, but the veracity of that claim doesn't even matter at this point), it's time to make the now-inevitable Blu-ray victory as complete as possible as quickly as possible.

There is no upside to prolonging the format war any further. None of the original Blu-ray companies/studios are going to turn to HD DVD. Warner has just dropped HD DVD and will likely take New Line with them. That only leaves Universal and Paramount/DreamWorks, the latter of which never had their heart in it anyway, only their open wallet.

For all those consumers, retailers, filmmakers (thank you, Michael Bay), and others who want to see hi-def discs become a viable next-generation platform (including you, Toshiba), now is the time to abandon any hold you may still have on HD DVD and convert 100% to Blu-ray. Anything short of that will be unnecessarily delaying the inevitable and potentially killing the opportunity for any hi-def disc to survive.

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TANOD4029d ago

HD DVD and its backers are simply dead

WITNESS the power of SONY and BLU RAY!!!!!!!

TheTwelve4029d ago

Wow...and did you read that Warner will delay their HD DVD titles weeks after the Blu ones come out for the next 5 months? Awesome.


bizi64984029d ago

we're finally getting out of the dark ages, and strange, the xbots are nowhere to be found ;) No bubble-shtapo is gonna shut that down: game over.

it is very funny to browse the anti-sony media right now: some of them didn't even report the news!

Happy new year guys!

kingboy4029d ago

Exactly haha! take that

mintaro4029d ago

only competition now is.........regular dvd?

mighty_douche4029d ago

time will take care of that.

Bubble Buddy4028d ago

I'm still comfortable with my pirated dvds though =). also, do you guys know a shop where to sell blu-ray movies?

macalatus4029d ago

The article pretty much sums up what people have long known about MS and its Bill Gates god: Monopolize the electronics industry! Thank goodness that Macintosh, though having a much lower profile than MS, had managed to survive Microsoft's decades long assault!

PirateThom4029d ago

You'd think there was decades of assault, but Microsoft owns shares in Apple.

Apple were in trouble a few years ago, Microsoft bailed them out.

davez824029d ago

of course, without apple theres no competition, then you have the question of anti-trust and monopolization, with apple still alive microsoft can keep their 90% share of the market without suspicion. Same reason nvidia doesnt blow ATI out of the water, they all can do it but its not good for business.

mark094029d ago

well they saved apple because they would have had a monopoly, which would be illigal

Marceles4029d ago

And there would've been no Windows without the help of Apple's OS

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The story is too old to be commented.