Xbox Vision Camera Reviewed

Find out if this latest 360 accessory is just a flash-in-the-pan or a worthy addition to your entertainment hub.

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BIadestarX5848d ago

They should come up with some sort of system where people like PS3 Fan are not allowed to vote. They vote against all 360 news.

DreDawgg065848d ago

What is there not to like about the Camera, there could only be positives about it, if u dont like it. Dont get it.

kewlkat0075848d ago

It doesn't even matter what the article is about them fanboys just vote lame.Also they vote cooll on every article on the Ps3 regardless. It kinda childish really.

Evil5848d ago

Nothing to do while they wait.

Sphinx5848d ago

...maybe not when it comes out right away, but I'll love having 'me' in some games.

zonetrooper55848d ago

PS3 Fan is being lame but lets not get worked up about this now. I would like to see if dusty could get a system in place for giving people a rep like on the xbox 360 but it should be planned out and it should work nicely.

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