Dark Sector: Bloodiest Game Ever?

We've seen plenty of games that featured a ton of blood in the past. It'd be difficult to name them all, in fact, but it's very possible that we haven't seen the most brutal depictions of violence just yet. No, there could be a new winner in the "ultimate blood-letting" category come March, and its name is Dark Sector

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mintaro4030d ago

bloodiest game ever? with gears, ut3 and so many other contenders, this game must really be a hemopheliac

NovusTerminus4030d ago

Dark Sector cannot get this title. With Ninja Gaiden 2 just around the corner and UT3, Gears, Who knows WHAT RE5 will be like.

Dark Sector will be a rather bloody game. But not the worst.

mintaro4030d ago

true, either they forgot about all those games, or this one may just be the bloodiest game we've ever seen

SIX4030d ago

I actually can't wait for this game. I hope it controls faster than what has been previewed so far. It looked rather clumsy I found.

turbogeek4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

idiots. and why are you people saying NG2, like it's something special? God of War is bloodier than that. and so is Manhunt. and Killzone 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.