New York Times: Did Warner Brothers Just Kill HD DVD?

New York Times Reports:

Until now, the war between the formats has seemed like a standoff. Of the big studios, Disney, Fox and Sony have backed Blu-ray. NBC Universal and Viacom back HD DVD.

Richard Greenfield, the media analyst with Pali Research, wrote that this marks the end of the format wars: "We expect HD DVD to 'die' a quick death." He noted that NBC Universal has not committed to backing HD DVD exclusively. Viacom's studios - Paramount and Dreamworks - have an exclusive deal with the backers of HD DVD, but Mr. Greenfield wonders if there is an escape clause.

Mr. Greenfield further wonders if consumers, on hearing this news, will return their Christmas HD DVD players and exchange them for Blu-ray devices. I'm not so sure that many people pay that close attention to Hollywood. But I certainly wouldn't spend money on an HD DVD player until this all sorts out.

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TANOD4034d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

BUT warners killed both HD DVD and X360's HD DVD addon

In a sense they killed 2 birds in a single shot

v1c1ous4034d ago

i wish someone would kill your internet

Close_Second4034d ago

...biggest bottom dweller here. I wish N4G would ban his IP and get rid of him for good.

mintaro4034d ago

microsoft's gaming division? how so

unlimited4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

The next new X-box will have a Blu-Ray Drive, you think DVD will be enough for games..When all the games right now is having trouble fitting into one disk..

Sony going to make a lot of money back. I guess they have last laugh at all the haters.. The Ps3 will see a rise in sales when people see that the system is future proof..and can play the GAMES and movies..

Lifendz4033d ago

Major retailers stopped carrying HD-DVD, Blockbuster made an allegiance to Blu-ray, Sony already had its own studios behind their format along with Disney. And blu-ray was outselling HD-DVD on a regular basis. Whoever thought there was a chance this wasn't happening is simply delusional. The sad part is, that this new Xbox 360 ultimate is trumping it's built in HD-DVD which now looks like a dead technology.

smitty4033d ago

Are they really still going to have a built in HD-DVD player, heheh.

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gamesR4fun4033d ago

ya funny how hype and twisted numbers wil only get you so far eh
Good thing its over too Id hate to have m$ win with hd downloads since we know they'll be so copyrighted it'll cost you every time you so much has read the title.

fury4034d ago

Just give up already and stop being is getting ridiculous

General Pinky4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Time to come back

pwnsause4034d ago

yea, you know what thats called, FIRESALE!!!!!!!11

unsunghero284034d ago

A $10 HD-DVD player add-on seems a liiiiitttle bit far fetched to me, considering you can't get a last-gen DVD player for that little.

Listen General, maybe it's just time we let HD-DVD die, eh? At this point its revival is nearly impossible, so the truth is that the longer this war goes on the more the consumer (the Blu-Ray owning consumer, mind you) suffers. If we're lucky this will all be over in time for an Indy 4 on Blu-Ray...

General Pinky4034d ago

You will see..they (microsoft & Toshiba) will start selling the HD DVD Add-on for about $ the US & in the UK about £10
(world wide i think different prices)so that everyone that has a 360 would buy it..then blu-ray is F up...
for the nice price and the movies that are not on the Blu-ray, i know i would buy it..but hey...good news for sony..PS3 is good for something..maybe not games but movies...joking guys..
It Will be a true comeback if they do this...

TANOD4034d ago

man i feel bad for the 300k x360 owners with HD DVD addon

Boink4034d ago

I feel bad for your parents.

2 bubbles to go T!

Ju4034d ago

Except, I am about to regret my "fire sale" $99 HD-DVD player purchase. And what I felt after I had bought it, was, it was a clearance. Just go out and try to find some movies. What do you think, which answer a customer would get from a sales clerk, if asked, "why the f..k is that player so da.n cheap?" - "Oh, well, they clearing that crap out now. You want one ? You could at least watch some DVDs sometimes."

gamesR4fun4033d ago

i dont think they will and even if they did its no sure bet m8
but it would sure make things more interesting lol

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