New Tekken 6: vids,costumes,informations...and more

Here's some more information including pictures and videos on Tekken 6.

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HeartlesskizZ4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

tekken 6 will sell good in ASIA, I dont think it will in EU or NA as good as ASIA will... and now that everyone seen that is pretty much an update for T5DR
im just going to rent this so I can enjoy the new storyline and great cutscenes but I wont put $60 on this

gamesR4fun4031d ago

still very underwhelmed it looks the same plays the same whats new? costumes... yay wheres the blood and broken bones the new moves bigger levels more interactive arenas... shoot throw a dog a bone at least bought tekken5 for 40 bucks and it was fun then they wanted more for the online so i said naw its a rip now this..... f'em to many good devs actually working to get my dough to waste it on these talentless hacks just cashing in on the tekken name.

Rattles4031d ago

always loved tekken gave vf5 a shot and man is that game boring.

Cusco4031d ago

This is way too similar to Tekken 5: DR. Obviously they worked some of the animation, and the GFX got a nice bump, but I think unless you regularly play Tekken and you still haven't got sick of it, there would be no real point in buying this. Lillie's animations look really well done, and she has some cool moves. They could add all the characters they want and update the graphics, but if it plays out the same all the time, there really won't be much point if you've played the previous titles.

What would make this game cool is online obviously. But I'd say 4 player matches, were you swap with your team mate when you feel that you're getting crushed. So you'd have 4 characters, and each person would control one. Another thing you could add for online is unlock able moves. Say if you manage to place highly in a leader board or acquire a certain number of wins, you get to unlock some new combo along with possibly new costumes and such. Another thing that could make this cool is if for every match you get awarded points for technique and how fast you dispose of your enemy. Then you can use those skills to buy things like speed boosts, power boosts, stun moves...basically one time boosters that you can use during battle. Finally, they should add different challenges or online "achievements" per say that get you points to spend on boosters or new techniques, these could be like "longest juggling combo" , "victory only using punch attacks", "victory using counters only"...etc, which you could perform during regular 1 on 1 matches.

Obviously for all of this to work you'd need some serious ranking system so that very weak players don't face off against advanced ones.

just my 2 cents

Chaos Striker4031d ago

I don't know about adding stuff like that because that could seriously hurt the game's balance. I heard from somewhere that there IS a new system that is going to be integrated which grants players a small strength boost which increase their attack damage when their health reaches a certain minimum. Besides that, the online achievements that you mentioned seems worthless because people won't take matches seriously at times. But, at this point we don't know anything about the gameplay, unless someone happens to have played it in the arcades in Japan. Other than that, we will just have to wait to make a valid verdict.

Farsendor14031d ago

finally an arcade fighting game that seems ok this gen. most of the arcade fighters i have played have been anime groan they do a horrible job on those.

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The story is too old to be commented.