Report: PSP Skype launching this month, limited to PSP Slim

Earlier this week, Sony's Consumer Electronics Show site slipped news that voice over IP support would soon be added to the hardware maker's frontline handheld, the PlayStation Portable. While the blurb contained no information beyond the fact, Japan's Nikkei Net news service is reporting today that Skype functionality will be added to the PSP as early as this month.

Nikkei also provided a few details on what PSP owners can expect from the Sony-Skype partnership. Skype's Internet phone technology will be limited to owners of the PSP Slim, which launched worldwide in September. Owners of the redesigned handheld will able to download Skype software directly onto their PSPs and then use a specially designed microphone to communicate.

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Darkiewonder4564d ago (Edited 4564d ago )

on the memory stick. because it's probably not a small program itself. so at least 20mb will be used. to handle audio/video conference like feature.

Does that mean the GO! cam will be coming to the US real soon?

I'm good though. I have a psp slim!

gamesR4fun4564d ago

nice free calls to my online friends and family from anywheres I can get web access very cool heres hoping the mic add on aint more than 10 or 20 bucks...

MaximusPrime4564d ago

limited to Slim? Damn.
But i dont use Skype. So im safe.

Still Skype for PSP is the best idea.

Charlie26884564d ago

I think there might be something IN the slim that the other one didn't had that is making Skype possible since it is obvious that is in Sonys best interest to had made all of them compatible but something might be in the way

mighty_douche4564d ago

extra Ram? thats the only difference i know of.

Ju4564d ago

Well, the headphone connector is different, no ? Does the old PSP have audio in ? I don't think they'll use a USB mic, that should be available for the camera.

Real gamer 4 life4564d ago

What does skype allows you todo?, sorry i am not familiar with it.

Charlie26884564d ago

It basically makes your PSP a phone, in the PC it was created so you could make calls over the internet to regular phones and cells (for a fee) it also acted as a sort of MSN Messenger with voice chat, video conference and Instant Massaging that was free

Darkiewonder4564d ago

Just need for sony to release the Go! Camera here in the US now ;3

mintaro4564d ago

wow, than that is totally awesome

mighty_douche4564d ago (Edited 4564d ago )

..if only Sony would team up with someone like Dark_Alex and produce a legal form of homebrew.

Nb. For any PSP owner who hasnt heard of Homebrew, google it, READ (alot), and unleash the potential of your PSP. wanna play mario cart? maybe Zelda?

(^^dont mean to sound like an ad)

Marceles4564d ago

Dark Alex is the reason why the PSP is just about the most amazing console i've ever played. Playing every game system up to PS1 and N64, movies, internet browser, remote play, mp3s,'s just a beast

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