Hitachi Shows off New Ultra Thin Plasma Display at CES

Las Vegas, Jan 04, 2008 (Business Wire) -- Hitachi has developed an Ultra Thin plasma display panel (PDP) that is a mere 1.5-inches in depth. This new Ultra Thin plasma display will be the centerpiece of Hitachi's Innovations Showcase here at CES, which also features:

• A "super" Ultra Thin LCD at just .75 inches in depth alongside its 1.5-inch Ultra Thin PDP

• An advanced search technology that can be applied to visual images

• A system that allows video to be shared between homes and then viewed on a TV, not a PC

• A wireless video gateway for sharing content among several displays in the home

• An IPTV user interface for accessing, managing and sharing content at home or on the go

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mintaro4036d ago

holy shizzle that is awesome

Jinxstar4036d ago

Sweet. Any bets on prices? 13,000$ or more is mine.

v1c1ous4036d ago

i want to fit my next-gen tv into the crevice between my bed and the wall.

Darkiewonder4035d ago

My guess starting price is $32k