Hear Here: The Best Game Music of 2007

As video games continue to advance their way through modern culture, developers are putting more resources and effort into creating them than ever before. One of the departments that's benefited most from this increased attention is certainly the original music. With game soundtracks featuring live orchestral performances of scores written by top composers from around the world becoming almost commonplace, this wealth of new music can actually stand on its own outside the game industry in many cases.

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mintaro4033d ago

the portal song is absolute magic lol

LinuxGuru4033d ago

Wow....the Harry Potter one IS good....damn!

The quality is....nothing short of what belongs in a feature film!

LinuxGuru4033d ago

Wow....I still can't get over how high-quality the Harry Potter song is...

Now, if only the HP games were good enough for me to play...

jorellpogi4033d ago

The Uncharted Drake's Fortune theme song is a well crafted masterpiece.

mintaro4033d ago

good to see lair gettin some love

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