BioShock 2, Ultimate Xbox 360, EA buys Sega & More in GameDaily's Predictions for 2008

Road Rash By Criterion Software, DirectX 10 Moves to XP, Super Mario Galaxy II Announced for 2009 Release, KOTOR3 from Lucas Arts, Wii Sports 2 Jumps to Living Rooms, WiiFit Sells 400k Units, EA buys Sega and Atari, $180 Price Point Spore Heads to 2010 and more in GameDaily's Video Game Predictions for 2008.

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GCO Gamer4564d ago

Xbox 360 + HD DVD Drive Makes New Xbox 360 HD DVD Edition....................... ........ Thats cool

MK_Red4564d ago

Now that Warner has gone Blu and format war is nearing it's end, MS might change policy and go Blu. Afterall they once said (Long ago) that they could go with blu if it wins.

GIJeff4564d ago

hddvd is officially dead.

Omegasyde4564d ago (Edited 4564d ago )

HD DVD is dead because Warner is going to release lord of rings on blue ray soon.

toshiba put up a good fight, and still is a respectable company that I would gladdy buy their products from. O well, Can't wait for blu-ray players to have the drm affect with certain movies in the future.

That's right the next wave of blu-ray players will all come with hard drives. So wtf? Won't disc sales go down?

Edit: Virtual Fighter 5 remix (6?) end of 2008/early 2009. Rehash everything, add characters + online. Easy effing money for sega.

LinuxGuru4564d ago

f*ck me sideways, did you just say Lord of the Rings is coming on Blu-Ray soon?


Tarmgar4564d ago

Sony is part owner of Blu-Ray technology. If I were Sony, I'd shaft HD-DVD drives down the throat of M$ and say no. I wouldn't want my competitor in a billion dollar business to have technology that makes Sony superior to their competitors.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4563d ago

I hope HD DVD does die, followed by Blu-Ray but HD DVD does have the PC arena to try and steal. If I were Sony I would be making deals with Dell to get Blu standard, because if HD DVD goes there first this stupid format war could go on and on.

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MK_Red4564d ago

With the current phase of big ones like EA and Activision buying the smaller companies like BioWare and medium compaines like Midway and Eidos merging, there should be some huge surprises in 2008 and Sega won't be able to continue on it's own for long.

Omegasyde4564d ago

I don't think EA will buy SEGA, but buy Atari.

I think SEGA will be the ones buying another development studio, not being bought out.

I see Capcom and Konami merging sometime in the next 5 years.

MK_Red4564d ago (Edited 4564d ago )

"Capcom and Konami merging", now that's some crazy idea and big prediction. Snake may end up as bonus character in Dead Rising 2. Plus, there would be zombies in future Metal Gear games.

But seriously, good point about Atari and Sega. Sega still has some legs and games while Atari is virtually done. Their biggest next-gen game TimeShift didn't do really well in sales so, I think it's indeed their time to be bought.

Tarmgar4564d ago

Didn't Nintendo take Sega under its wing? Hence why there was a Mario and Sonic olympics right?

Omegasyde4564d ago (Edited 4564d ago )

O and I bet Microsoft is going to work some kind of deal for WoW on the 360. Blizzard can't say no to half a billion dollar deal.

WoW on a console is a definitely coming. no matter what blizzard says, the bosses say "yes".

And Ubisoft will probally eventually buy some of Eido's trademarks, Tomb raider, dues ex, or Hitman. Eido's is losing money left and right, and I am surprised no one is reporting that.

EDIT: Sony put Everyquest online playable with a Controller, and who is to say Microsoft won't release a keybaord and mouse, or an attachment to play them?

After all Microsoft actually builds keyboards and mouses.

mark094564d ago

how would you play WoW on the 360 when it doesnt support keyboard and mouse, and its network isnt as open to such content as the PSN.

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MK_Red4564d ago

Road Rash from Burnout makers Criterion would be SUPER awesome. KOTOR3 would also rule.
SMG2 is possible but I don't think big N will go for 2009. 2010-11.

OOG FunK4564d ago

ROAD RASH!!!!!!! ahhh i was just talkn to my friend about remembering playing this game a few weeks ago.......ooooooooooooo plz make road rash! lol :)

mighty_douche4564d ago

Im sorry but if it was true and i was a 360 owner id be super pissed. I even know a few friends who bought the Elite even though they own the Premium for the large HDD and it black, now a bigger better model might be thrown in their face?? M$ are a joke...

Either way what will they add?? a HD DVD player?? LOL @ that!

MK_Red4564d ago

Ultimate 360 is the rumored name used for next possible 360 SKU and there is nothing wrong with it IMO.
Still, I think now that Warner has gone Blu, it might not be the best idea to add a internal HD-DVD drive to 360.

toughNAME4564d ago

you could say the same thing about Sony

not to mention all those price drops...

and MS should just make the Blu ray add on already

mighty_douche4564d ago (Edited 4564d ago )

So "Ultimate 360" is acutally like xbox 3?

If thats the case id guess they'd be forced to support Blu if it wins or stick to DVD9 again (Which is STUPID), imagine that, Sony making a cut on every xbox game sold, M$ would turn green (as would half this site).

EDIT at the dude above^^^ thats right im an idiot.... with a blu-ray player.... [email protected]

wiizy4564d ago

hope the ea buy sega doesnt come true.. if anything nintendo should buy sega. and third party's should blame themselves for weak wii sales... poor games and no advertisement doesnt help

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