PlayStation 3 Packaging

Here are some pictures showing the packaging that Sony's next gen console will be sold in come November 17th. There is also a picture of someone actually holding a PS3 and putting it into a box.

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specialguest5854d ago

hahahah i laughted when i saw that image and read the title. i thought the image was making fun of the PS3, because it looked like a stack of cinder blocks:

suggesting that the PS3 was big and heavy.

Mr Bubbles5854d ago

I read somewhere that the packaging had been downgraded to 3 closing flaps due to cardboard shortages.

apparently, this is where all the extra cardboard went:


PS360PCROCKS5854d ago (Edited 5854d ago )

Lol both of you two idiots make me laugh, not idiots in a bad way just a joking way, geesh hardest I have laughed this morning. But these are pictures of Japans share of launch ps3's right? Kidding Kidding...anyone notice that "Playstation 3" looks all similar to "Spiderman 3" Sony owns both I dunna cool looking font tho

MoonDust5854d ago

I Was thinking the same thing, are those bricks? lol!

THE TRUTH5854d ago

I wonder which one of those packages are mine? Nov 17th can't come fast enough!! I already took the 16th through the 28th off to enjoy my PS3 fully I will be playing RFOM from day 1!!

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The story is too old to be commented.