HaloRadar: Chief, Master or Servant?

Games Radar writes, "By all accounts Spartan 117, or colloquially the "Master Chief," is one tough hombre. The genetically enhanced cybernetic supersoldier can single-handedly turn the tides of battle from hapless defeat to crushing triumph without even getting a hangnail. The Chief ranks among the most bad-ass game characters in history, right? Right??"

"We thought so too, until a recent skull run changed our minds. Have you ever actually listened to the way the other characters bark orders at the Chief? If Master Chief is such a tough guy, why is someone always yanking his chain?"

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Damphear4036d ago

still halo is a gay game. and has alot of gay followers

gamehendge4036d ago

i think hasbro co-produced this kiddie FPS...

i rule4036d ago

the entire gay station fanbase. you go watch your blue ray movies while i go play some awesome [email protected]

Damphear4036d ago

naw i dont care witch is better if you dont know already then go live in a cave.

halo is a gay game that never changed. enjoy playing the same gay game in halo 4

Dukester1014036d ago

Gotta remember thought that Master Chief Petty Officer is an enlisted rank in the US Navy. MCPO is the highest class for an enlisted officer except in special circumstances where an MCPO becomes MCPO of the Navy (which is not really much different). He is required to take orders from all naval, marine, and army personnel that are officers.

For gaming purposes though, MCPO Spartan 117 takes orders from a number of different people/things. Sergeant Major of the Marnines (Johnson) is the equivalent of MCPO of the Navy. Therefore there are discrepancies. Again for gaming purposes, the player must get orders otherwise the game would not make sense.