Tokyo Jungle Trailer

Sony has released a new trailer for Tokyo Jungle.The game is dated for June 7 in Japan.

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ArchangelMike3262d ago

I reaally don't know what to think abou this... I mean, what demographic are they going for?

Yeah, I'll let this one pass me by.

Godmars2903261d ago

If the current version is anything like the original concept a Panamanian will be able to take on a T-Rex.

So yeah, the batsh*t crazy gamer demographic is all over this.

Silly gameAr3262d ago

This looks so ridiculous, but I would play it in a heartbeat.

Emilio_Estevez3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

Yup, I think that's the selling point really. It's not like anything else you'll play and it's just strange...I might have to try it.

1:17, Pandas doing....stuff...Game just got more ridiculous.

FinaLXiii3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

"1:17, Pandas doing....stuff...Game just got more ridiculous. "

Let the button mashing commence!

Venox20083262d ago

at first I thought, what a nonsense, but after whatching trailer more, I realized that it can be a fun and (maybe) logical-puzzle, platforming and hell knows what fun game :)

ElasticLove3262d ago

I can see PETA throwing a fit over this game lol.

FinaLXiii3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

i think PETA actually agrees with the game since there´s no humans lol

dark-hollow3261d ago

The drug that the devs were on will ship inside every retail copy.

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The story is too old to be commented.