Video Untold Legends : Dark Kingdom

A game that so far have failed to impress the masses compared to other PS3 titles like Resistance and Motorstorm, looks as though it may be fun and somewhat visually impressive after all!

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DC RID3R5848d ago

a very poor attempt of a game. n3(good,but by no means perfect) kicks the living daylights out of this!!!!!

if i were one of the devs, i'd start from scratch!!
surely all you sony fans are expecting MUCH more from the ps3?!?! SURELY!?!?!

Donkey Slayer5848d ago

Looks like a basic dungeon crawler. I'll probably pass but at least the animations and framerate are very smooth. The outside environments look much better than the inside ones to me.

If they used this engine on a Fable type game that would be pretty cool.

CAPS LOCK5848d ago

it looks much better than before, the game improved in physics.