DUST 514's Brandon Laurino Discusses Sovereignty, PvE, and More

Tentonhammer writes: In our last video interview from EVE Fanfest 2012, DUST 514 Executive Producer Brandon Laurino discusses how the game will motivate DUST players to move out of highsec space and participate in the machinations of EVE players. Brandon also clarifies how DUST 514 skill training will work and offers a few insights into a previously undiscussed side of the game: PvE.

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ExPresident3371d ago

Nice interview, looking forward to this!

TooTall193371d ago

I'm very excited for this. I hope they can have everything fairly balanced and all the network kinks worked out when it releases.

soundslike3371d ago

Its going to be nice to see RPG guys really try to solidify the classes of an FPS. Hopefully its not just typical dev-speak talking up their own game and they actually do bring something fresh to the table.

Fylus3371d ago

If you haven't already, check out some YouTube videos of this game. Specifically the Eve Fanfest 2012 one.

This game is definitely everything they say it is and so much more:)