Lost has been found - First solid details on the TV hit turned videogame

One of television's most popular (and cryptic) shows is about to become a videogame. Lost returns for a fourth season at the end of January and Lost: The Videogame hits shelves a month later on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Ubisoft, tasked with turning the well-known property into interactive entertainment, has been as secretive about the game as the show's creators are about the hit drama. But on the newly released Lost Season 3 DVD box set, there is a four-minute preview of the upcoming game. While the preview offers no video or screenshots (just concept art), it does reveal some new details.

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SullyDrake4033d ago

Don't screw up my favorite TV show in it's transition to gaming. And I expect DLC for the PS3 version as well as the 360 version.

It'll be a 10-12 hour experience I'm pretty sure, if you take your time. The rough length of each chapter and how many there are was released in an interview a while back, and it worked out to around that I think.

Just please, don't screw this up.

4032d ago