'Terrorist Takedown 2' - Polish Demo Available NOW

Terrorist Takedown 2 is based on the Jupiter EX engine, which had previously been used in F.E.A.R., among other titles. The "2" in the title stands for a new quality brought into the series. Immerse yourself in a modern game environment with realistic physics and fantastic visual effects: the bullets rip plaster from the walls, clouds of dust are everywhere and you can see sparks from the guns, pieces of concrete fall1ng off and faithfully recreated roughness of all flat surfaces.

Face extremely dangerous and desperate opponents. They work in teams and can sneak up on you from behind, surround you , call in reinforcements, give each other cover or, when they are wounded, retreat from the battlefield or seek cover behind the nearest obstructions.

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mintaro4034d ago

this demo look really promising

Perkel4034d ago

This will suck ass (i'm from Poland and I know a little about devs workin' on it) Witcher was best polish game (second Painkiller) and this wil suck ass :/

mighty_douche4034d ago

Being from the UK and knowing what i like, i still think ill give it a FREE download.