Do You Believe That MGS4 Won't Be On Xbox 360?

Kotaku writes, "Rumors that Metal Gear Solid 4 will make its way to the Xbox 360 have been repeatedly denied by a variety of sources whenever they surface. But, with all the back and forth between speculation and PR rumor control, you have to wonder has the damage already been done? Does the public really believe that MGS4 will forever be PS3 exclusive? Or will a collective inkling of doubt keep those PS3s from flying off shelves when the game hits?"

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CeruleanSky4031d ago

Kotaku, what a bunch of pathetic losers.

To think you spent a good portion of a console generation begging for a game that isn't on your system or making up bogus stories hoping they will come true.

lonestarmt4031d ago

I know!

I like how they say sources deny it. Sources? You mean like konami and hideo kojima himself?? haha. geez, sometimes I hate the

TriggerHappy4031d ago

The rumor that never dies. Another MGS rumor. Have fun guys..


TheTwelve4031d ago

Haha. MGS4 MIGHT come on the 360 1.5 years later, on 9 DVD discs. lol.


sonarus4031d ago

personally i believe it will come to the 360 about a yr and a half after it hits the ps3. By then no one will be talking about it and everyone who wants to play it already has. So the real question is will you wait an extra yr to play mgs... i wouldnt i'd rent buy or find a ps3 some way just to play it. i obviously chose buy

jonnyboy4031d ago

Time after time when this rumor gets ground, an actual Konami representative denies it. What else do they need? How many times will it need to be denied? And why don't they just accept that a really good game will be on something other than their beloved 360 and clam up?

Game13a13y4031d ago

exactly how i feel, various sources as in "THE" source which is Konami and Kojima?

Kotaku are bunch of pathetic fanboys LOL

BrianC62344031d ago

I wish the Xbots would shut up already. I've never seen so many whiney babies. The game is a PS3 exclusive. It would have to be dumbed down to run on the 360. Kojima knows which console is the most powerful so that's why it's on the PS3. If you can afford to waste $50 a year on Xbox Live you can afford a PS3. You see, a PS3 is $399 if you buy the 40GB version. If you keep it for five years that comes out to around $80 a year. Don't pay for Xbox Live for five years and then you just need $30 extra a year. There's the money for your PS3. I just helped you save up for a PS3 Xbots. Now you can all enjoy MGS4 like the rest of us will.

ravinash4030d ago

Seems like this site is in a world of its own.
They have this crap in a new story every day.
They have that rubbish about LA Noire going to 360, which is only take from a note in a job ad of all places.
When WB say their going BlueRay exclusive which pretty much ends the format war, their title is "Warner bros. Goes Blu-ray Only, Format War lingers On".

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nice_cuppa4031d ago

IF it comes to 360 it won't be confirmed till way after the ps3 release.

so can we let this go.

MK_Red4031d ago

True. I do believe that MGS4 will come for 360 but it will indeed be announced after PS3 version hits and as you said, possibly long after.

Omegasyde4031d ago


MGs4 will not come to 360, Sony "helped" with some of the budget.

Metal Gear Online however is a toss up. That Game I definately see going to 360. Besides cod4/r6/ghost recon on the xbox, there is long void of tactical games which happen to spew out money now adays.

solar4031d ago

frankly, i dont give two craps anymore. this console war BS is tiresome, and down right idiotic.

Leathersoup4031d ago

I'm happy with my 360. I don't purchase every game that is released for it either so even if specific titles that are exclusive to the PS3 ended up on the 360 there's a chance I would have never bought them even if they ended up on the 360. Especially the Metal Gear series.
I played one of the Metal Gear games on the PS2 but the control scheme was so retarded that I wouldn't even buy it if it came out for the 360.

Don't get me wrong. There are games that are out on the PS3 that I would love to see on the 360, but they're not. I'm not crying about it though. There are a lot of great games out there. If I don't get to play one, I'll live.

solar4031d ago

good post Leather,
and im in your same boat. i wanna play Bioshock and ME. but i dont own a 360. but, im living on. living the dream without them. if i wanted to play them bad enough, ill buy a 360. like you will buy a ps3 if you want to play LBP or FFXIII. bubble for you!

CRIMS0N_W0LF4031d ago

*Mimics Zhuk voice*

Konami will release MGS4 on X360 due to the fact it is where money is. The X360 system has the highest attach rate which leads to maximun profit for developer.


Now for the question at hand.

Short Answer: No