Comic book properties that still need a good videogame!

Like videogames based of certain film licenses, there has always been a problem with transferring material from comic books over to videogames. While some properties have been fortunate enough to have decent games created in their universe, such as the X-Men Legends games or Hulk Ultimate Destruction, there are still a few big names that have been continually cursed with horrible videogames. So hopefully, the New Year will bring with it opportunities to finally do some of these properties justice, rather than have them exploited even more.

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cain1414575d ago

Gaming has not been kind to those franchises...

JsonHenry4574d ago

If they made a Spawn video game with the gritty action of the Punisher/Max Payne games, add some free roaming elements like in the SpiderMan games, and then made DAMN SURE to make the bosses are bad asses like they are in the comics... that game would rule.

Also- the art direction should be "water color"-ish. Well, maybe more like Oil Based paint because the game should be dark. You know what I mean.

The same would probably work for Batman as well. But I don't have an answer for Superman.

JsonHenry4574d ago

Or maybe they need to take a page from the new Street fighter game and just make some good side scrollers like 'Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety' back in the day. Only with much better graphics and better combos/powers.

Erasmus4574d ago

Batman and Superman have probably been abused the most, it's a shame.

ry-guy4574d ago

A game I've always been itching for is a Green Lantern game.

That would be so much fun.