An Apple TV With a Blu-ray Player?

Rumors are flying fast and furious over what Steve Jobs will pull out of his blue-jean pocket a week from Tuesday at his annual speech at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. These include a movie rental service for iTunes, a super small notebook computer perhaps with a solid-state hard drive, a notebook docking station, and new features for the iPhone. Shaw Wu, an analyst with American Technology Research, suggested that Apple will start shipping some computers with Blu-ray high-definition DVD drives.
By itself, adding Blu-ray to Macs is nothing more than continuing to add features to justify the Mac price premium. But there is another move that Apple could make that could well be a game changer: introducing a new version of Apple TV with a built in Blu-ray player.

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drewdrakes4032d ago

Did the original AppleTV sell any units at all? I heard it sucks. Dont try to justify a crappy electronic by putting blu-ray in it. That would just be a crappy marketing technique. I could see if they made a GOOD AppleTV that this would be awesome, but no Apple, just no.

THE_JUDGE4032d ago

it happening but that would be freaking sweet if it did.

Meus Renaissance4032d ago

Meus: I do Blu, do you?

Steve: Yeah, I do Blu too

Mac users: We also do Blu.



drewdrakes4032d ago

lol those are 2 totally different companies. I dont see how them put together can do much more then they both are right now.

The equation then becomes
Apple + Sony = Pomme + Sony

PStriple7034032d ago

looks like sony and apple have big plans

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