Slitherine targets US with History Channel backing; Xbox 360 a priority

04 Jan 2008 -- UK developer Slitherine Strategies is set to break into the U.S. market with backing from the History Channel. The company is branching out from its well established PC titles with plans to produce four DS games, but its making the Xbox 360 a priority.

"The Xbox 360 market is our way into the US," said marketing manager Marco Minoli, speaking to at Game Connection last month.

"It's becoming very mass market. I can't say the same for Europe as apart from the UK the market for Xbox 360 is quiet, but it's the right time for us to establish this brand on the next-gen consoles, and it's more of an investment for us."

Slitherine successfully released The History Channel: Great Battles of Rome on PSP and PlayStation 2 last year, but admits the games may have been overlooked without The History Channel name on board.

Players can look forward to The History Channel Pocket History: Rome is due in the second quarter of 2008, with the Xbox 360 title The History Channel: Great Battles of the Middle Ages due in the third quarter.

[ Description and image: Gaming Today ]

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