HD DVD or Blu-Ray? Nuts to both! Digital is on it's way!

"As the great DVD war of aught '07 heats up in aught '08, my collection of DVD's is becoming obsolete. Why should I have to buy them all back on some new format? The digital world is coming, and it should be the last real format...until we have chips in our heads, I suppose."

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TANOD4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

we need a 10 TERABYTE HDD for a full fledged 50gig BD discs


Format war has now officially ended

Genuine4032d ago

Umm...right. Because everyone needs the other 44 GB of languages they can't understand.

sfinXters4032d ago

And not only a 10Tb drive, but also at 1GBit connection to be able download content at acceptable speeds.
Digital Distribution* will be a huge step backwards in terms of picture quality.

For those who don't know - DD has been around for a time already - its called "piracy".

Genuine4032d ago

Xbox Live is doing it now. It takes approx 30 seconds from the time I pick something to watch until I'm watching it.

allatain4032d ago

You idiot, its a download movie service that MS is promoting,


If you really want HD download service, you need like Fiber Optics speed bandwitdh, or like really fast cable service

drewdrakes4032d ago

allatain - I have that really fast cable service of which you speak. Im all for digital distribution :)

allatain4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Well good for you, when MS actually give you HD download, you can actually enjoy them, Thats if MS actually wants to start up-ing their bandwidth so to prevent the lag of downloading 25 GBs


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Captain Tuttle4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Because Shmee/TANOD is so worked up about it but this site has too many Blu-Ray, HD-DVD stories already.

The article is right though.

Genuine4032d ago

Lol, I've already approved and canceled it twice. I finally gave in, digital distribution is the future of media.

Jack Bauer4032d ago

i think its more of a future alternative... like it is now...there will always be the market of people that actually want to own a copy of something that they payed for.

tethered4032d ago

I agree Jack.

Does anyone have an accurate percentage of people that have a high speed internet connection? I think that will have a huge effect on it too, as far as how soon discs will be replaced by digital downloads.

If its around 90%, I would say it would happen sooner as apposed to later, but I really doubt its anywhere near that high of a percentage.

GameOn4032d ago

Today the world needs to conserve as much energy as possible. I think DD will use a hell of a lot less energy than having physical media made and transported around the world/country.
That cant be a bad thing.

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resistance1004032d ago

'As the great DVD war of aught '07 heats up in aught '08, my collection of DVD's is becoming obsolete'

No it isn't, blu-ray/hddvd still plays and upscales them,

Grassroots4032d ago

digital distribution won't take off sorry... at least not for this guy, the idea is idiotic to me.

InMyOpinion4032d ago

As idiotic as downloading and watching movies on your PC. Can't see anyone doing that at the moment.

travelguy2k4032d ago

with average file sizes of 5 - 8mb. DD is still way off, 5 years plus for high def movies that avg. 20gb wich is around 2,500 times as large as the avg. music mp3 file.

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