BioShock awarded Game of the Year honors by Gaming Target

BioShock gets another Game of the Year nod as it tops Gaming Target's annual "52 Games We'll Still Be Playing From 2007" list. Other awards went to:

PS2-Exclusive GoTY: God of War II
PS3-Exclusive GoTY: Warhawk
Wii GoTY: Super Mario Galaxy
Xbox 360 GoTY: Halo 3
Handheld GoTY and Downloadable GoTY: Puzzle Quest

The rest of the selections can be found at the link.

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ichimaru4030d ago

i can see many more of these, the game deserves it. hats off, take two

SullyDrake4030d ago

For the Directors Cut of Bioshock on PS3. It was planned and coded, just dropping it is weak. I'd just give it time.