Gaming Parody: Rockstar Games' Massive Settlement Deal

A totally untrue, but equally hysterical article by Sarcastic Gamer as part of their Fiction Friday series.

From the fictitious article: "In an effort to ward off the nearly insurmountable pile of lawsuits, both federal and civil, Rockstar Games announced today that they had reached a ZERO CASH settlement with several class-action entities. While the exact details of the deal are still sealed, an inside source tells us that the central issue, protecting children from the effects of wanton video game violence, has been addressed to the satisfaction of all parties involved, with a new line of children's books aimed at teaching youngsters the perils and consequences of violence, and how to draw the line between fantasy and reality."

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JSA-Gamer4566d ago

The tree was my favorite. I want one of those trees.

LGFreedom4566d ago

Holy crap that dr. seuss one is hysterical.