Rare's Latest XBLA Project - The Fast & The Furriest

Dustin Burg writes, "We just received exclusive information concerning what one of Rare's next gaming projects is and you'll be surprised to hear that it's both an Xbox Live Arcade game and it uses the Vision camera. Tie your running shoes, do a few stretches and warm up those hammies. Rare's The Fast & The Furriest is real and is coming our way."

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Darkiewonder4032d ago

Original XBLA Title WITH Vision Cam support!

Want to see how this will work! Good luck Rare!

Marceles4032d ago

Wow this is an interesting development, so you can control the characters too with the camera? I gotta see this...if true then the PS Eye might get a little competition

zonetrooper54032d ago

Well its about time the Vision camera got some use, about a few titles only use the vision cam with some sort of feature.

ngg123454032d ago

Instead of making Killer INstict 3, or a new conker game, this is what microsoft assigns you to create. A mario and sonic go to olympics clone, that uses the vision eye. Sad day for gamers, when RARE is the one makign this game.

Dark_Vendetta4032d ago

This is just a XBLA game. RARE have about 4 studios, and I don't think all of them will do the XBLA game ;).
I don't know anything about the game. Is this a new IP?

ngg123454032d ago

But this is Rare. One of the greatest devs of all time now working on a mini game that oddly resembles sonic & mario go to the olympics.

FirstknighT4031d ago

You mean like the creater of God of War that created that stupid Calling All Cars downloadable game?

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The story is too old to be commented.