EA Opens NHL Cover Athlete Vote

Check out how you can vote your favorite NHL Athlete on to the cover of NHL 13.

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Soldierone4011d ago

Voting for Shane Doan, he deserves it more than any other player on there. Loyal to one team, even through all the struggles, and most importantly he is someone kids can idolize as his morals are way above the normal.

Echo3074011d ago

I agree Shane is a good person and hockey player.

I'm a Stars fan and was impressed with how he handled the suspension he just got for the hit on Benn. He illegally stuck the 'chicken wing' out there and caught Benn in the head, but he immediately realized what he had done and was ready to drop the gloves to answer for it.

The comments he made about what he did after the suspension were also very nice. Good player, and a great way to handle an illegal act. I hope Brad Marchant was taking notes.

masa20094011d ago

Hard to argue with Malkin.
I guess Crosby is waiting for the big money, since he's never been on a cover to my knowledge.

SJPFTW4011d ago

LOL Matt Stajan... you on crack EA?