Do Apple's Macs Need Blu-ray?

Dan Frommer writes, "Will Steve Jobs jump into the silly hi-def DVD format war? Some analysts -- most recently AmTech's Shaw Wu -- expect Jobs to spend some of his Macworld keynote on Jan. 15 unveiling Apple's HD entertainment strategy, including support for Sony's Blu-ray disc format."

"Why Blu-ray? Wu doesn't offer much explanation, but notes that Apple's good friend Disney (DIS) -- where Jobs is the single largest shareholder -- is in the Blu-ray camp, and that rival Microsoft (MSFT) is in the competing HD-DVD format."

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Buubar4032d ago

I hope Apple do add Blu-ray players to their Mac computers, it will defiantly increase Blu-ray sales if they do. I doubt they will ever use HD-DVD as thats what Microsoft support which means the only option left is Blu-ray.

TANOD4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

BD outsells HD DVD 9:1 in JAPAN

4:1 in EU

and 2:1 /3:1 in NA

However the margins would increase this year

BrianC62344032d ago

Blu-ray is the way to go on computers. Since it's the larger format they might as well use it. I'd like to see Blu-ray burners at a reasonable price. CD and DVD are just getting way too small for serious backups now. I just installed a 500GB hard drive in my home computer. Try to back that up on DVD. Good luck. Blu-ray wouldn't need many discs for that.

drewdrakes4032d ago

Brian, these disc formats are bad for those backups too. Buy an external hard drive. Its cheaper in the end.

BrianC62344031d ago

"Brian, these disc formats are bad for those backups too. Buy an external hard drive. Its cheaper in the end."

What exactly do you mean by bad? You mean the data is unreliable? They have to be at least as reliable as CD and DVD. I'm not worried about it right now really. At work we use tapes. At home I burn DVDs or CDs of photos. That's about all I worry about on my home computer since I don't do much on it. But as hard drives keep growing CDs and DVDs just won't cut it. And your idea of hard drives is risky. Hard drives probably have more problems than optical disks if you use them a lot.

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TANOD4032d ago


This story was submitted by BLOODMASK and approved by his SHILL ACCOUNT---ROUND PEG

Marceles4032d ago

"Need"....sigh* seriously what the can make a bunch of "need" articles all over the place for new developments.

"Does PS3 need Divx?"
"Does the 360 need an HD-DVD add-on?"
"Does the Wii need an internet browser?"

Basically...the technology is there for the consumer to enjoy it, needing it or not.

krik4032d ago

If they put in a Blu-ray WRITER drive in the Mac Pro then I will upgrade my Mac Pro just for it.

I could really use 25Gb/50Gb backup on a single disk, otherwise it's worthless.

kingboy4032d ago

yea!! affordable Blu-ray Burners is all i`m waiting for

mccomber4032d ago

I can't wait to back up my files on a format that doesn't just rely on redundancy.

nirwanda4032d ago

dam expensive Frisbees if you get a bad burn I think you would be better off getting a large external hdd and sticking to blank DVD's rather than upgrade your whole system.

mccomber4032d ago

And do you think that burnable DVDs and CDs were always as cheap as they are now? Once the technology becomes mainstream it will become cheaper. Besides which, a lot of the information I keep backups of is much more valuable than any of the physical hardware it's stored on; I want whatever is going to keep it as safe as possible.

drewdrakes4031d ago

An external hard drive is cheaper either way. The base cost of the blu-ray disc drive would be quite a bit, probably matching a good high capacity external drive. Even if the blu-ray drive is cheaper, you will spend more on discs. The external drive is re-writable to your hearts content.

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heyheyhey4032d ago

lol every company who hates M$ (and that is a lot) and is significant in the video indstry will join blu-ray all pointers towards blu-rays inevitable victory

BrianC62344032d ago

What does Microsoft have to do with Blu-ray vs HD DVD? That battle is Sony vs Toshiba. Microsoft has sided with Toshiba to fight against Sony but I don't think they care that much. From what some people say Microsoft wants to kill both formats and get people to download everything.

pwnsause4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

you sir, dont know whats going on in this format war. Did you hear the 360 "ultimate" rumor, not to mention did you hear the rumors on what they want to do in this format war? They are involved straight into the core, they just dont want you to know and they downplay it. they want to Prolong this war, that way, both formats die and take all the glory by using their Digital Distribution service and kill the competing DD services by making all of Hollywood go exclusive to only Microsoft. Thinking Im Bull Shting you, read this, although a forum rumor, its seems pretty legit to me. http://forums.highdefdigest...

heyheyhey4032d ago

actually M$ is hd-dvd's most significant supporter and if hd-dvd fails then that will be a pretty big blow to M$ (especially if they release that new "ultimate" SKU) so every company thats wants to see M$ fail (like apple) will join sony and blu-ray, i guess it's not a major factor (apart from apple) but a factor nonetheless

TheTwelve4031d ago

You know, that's actually a good point. Mac might join in with Blu-Ray just to spite Microsoft. Microsoft claims to be a full supporter behind HD-DVD so it would actually make sense for Mac to go Blu.

This article says that nobody is winning the console war. Looking at worldwide says between Blu and HD-DVD....well, it's clear that HDDVD isn't winning.


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