Amazon's "buy one get one free" deal takes Blu-Ray to new heights

Amazon recently launched a "buy one get one free" deal that has made Blu-Ray sales escalate to fill up top 5 slots in amazons DVD rankings.

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TANOD4033d ago

format war ends HOPEFULLY at CES,2008

Darkiewonder4033d ago

As of right 300 Blu-ray version is #1 for the Top DVD Sales chart on amazon. Good to see that movie is still going strong!

TANOD4033d ago

300 BD no 1

Harry Potter BD no 2

This is the first time a next gen DVD title has topped AMAZON's list

supaet4033d ago

I don't get it, ps3 fanboy on this site is really out of control.

there was a b1g1 hd dvd on amazon last week, EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED

new heights what?

rawd4033d ago

PS3 fanboy? I thought this was news about Amazon and Bluray

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The story is too old to be commented.