7.5/10 for Warhawk: Operation: Omega Dawn from GameZone

It's been awhile now since Warhawk for the PlayStation 3 was released both as a downloadable game as well as on store shelves and the servers are still filled with gamers ready to hit the frontlines online. As a multiplayer-only game, there were maps aplenty and enough vehicles to make for an intense battle between two opposing forces. Now, as the first download Booster pack, Operation: Omega Dawn inserts new elements into this fun and action-packed game.

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Blademask4035d ago

1 map..
and a New Vehicle..

but I guess everyone is trying to drive hits.

pwnsause4035d ago

yea. thats kind of dumb..

SSCOOLCHEA4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

I was going to write the same thing . Has anybody had a problem buying stuff on psn . I had my old debit card number on there so i changed to a new credit card says invalid . so i try my old one it still says invalid ..been trying to buy this map for minute keeps getting the same error message

Ps3ShellShock4035d ago

its not perfect but it gives a huge twist to the game.

the map takes time to get use to but after u know its routes and where things are its pretty fun...

the dropship 2 me is ok and no ok.

it all depends on how many ppl in your team that are good...if u have good players then the experience of teh drop ship is great...if you team sucks then it becomes a headache because they carry the flag carrier from one end to another while ur team does nothing and just sits in ur base waiting for them 2 come bck after the flag has been scored.

i honestly think that the drop ship should not be able to carry the flag like ends games to quickly..why not just allow warhawks to carry the flag..same sh/t

the dropship isnt balanced in my eyes..the canon gun is way to strong - i have ppl hit me ones and im dead but when im gunning some1 takes 4ever..

id give the map 8.5

PSN tag - DarKeR-PoWeR

INehalemEXI4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Its balanced , each team has them at there disposal. Its just a new addition to the food chain. If you blow up a fully loaded dropship you get lots of kills at once mwahah.

It has its a weakness from below too. If you attack from above or the sides you toast but if you unload on it under its belly its a big Pu$$y c4t.

Those missle turrets can take yah down in 1 hit too depending on what your in. I dont see a balance issue.

GnuUzir4034d ago

Am I the only one that notices 8+9+9+7.5+9/5=8.5?

Unless they used a weighted scale which would be dumb >.<

lodossrage4034d ago

Someone at ign needs to do their math. 8.0, 9.0, 9.0, 7.5, and 9.0 don't average out to 7.5

It averages out to 8.5