Sony responds about Skype

"SPOnG has received the following comment from Sony: "As we've mentioned in the past, we are constantly evaluating new technology and features to add to PSP and further details will be announced shortly." Could it be? A non-confirmation confirmation? Sure looks that way to SPOnG. Keep your eyes here for the further details as and when they're announced."

It is now even more likely that Sony will officially announce this feature at CES in Las Vegas!

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Darkiewonder4033d ago

For the playstation brand family. bla bla bla. "We are proud to announce our partnership with Skype to allow them to further enhance the functions of the psp with video phone calls"

pwnsause4033d ago

well its obvious, didnt they read the Sony CES website?

whoelse4033d ago

This is just proof of the proof

TheTwelve4033d ago

I promise you that Skype is coming to the PSP because if you look at the "Playstation Conversation" part of the official Sony of America Playstation Blog, this "rumor" was posted there a couple of days ago. Sony would never allow a false rumor to be posted on their own site.


PlayStation3604033d ago

so I guess this was the reason Sony never saw fit to release a PSPhone. No point if it was going to have the same feature, but free for it's users. I love the idea that it would be totally free (as long as both parties are using Skype), and I heard from users that you can even make calls across the Globe. A welcomed addition I say. *Small Gripe* I just wish Sony had released a PSP with that Go!Cam built in :( But oh well :P

Amp4033d ago

Im in america, and talk to Romania every day with Skype, la revedere!