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Ninja Gaiden 3 is going to sting the loyal fans that the game has built up over the years, but the changes will encourage the more mainstream players into the series. Whether the changes were required is questionable as Ninja Gaiden is a strong and popular franchise. But it seems more probable that Tecmo are trying to protect themselves from the revamped Devil May Cry that will be hitting at some point this year.

Rating: Average

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OhMyGandhi2421d ago

good review.
what cracks me up is how there is no rebuttal to the low scores of this game.

there is no, "what?! that game was amazing! way to low of a score! I hate this site!"

I love the Ninja Gaiden series, but for once, reviewers have started to really consider the content. It wasn't enough for a game to be "different", and thankfully, wasn't praised for "trying something new".
If it fails, it fails.

Lord_Sloth2421d ago

Because we would lose bubbles if we were to state that we were pleased with this game by rabid Itagaki fanboys.

h311rais3r2421d ago

While what you say is true ng3 just sucks and is most likely because of the lack of a strong director

gamingdroid2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

You can blame it on Itagaki fanboys, but just about all news outlet has given this a dud score.

Have you tried it?

The only redeeming about the game is the core mechanics, that well... Itagaki did. The quick time events, the lack of weapons and the toned down AI jacking up difficulty with Dynasty Warrior mechanic isn't doing it any favor. That's just a small selection of the issues in NG3.

I love Ninja Gaiden, hence my avatar picture... but this game is atrocious!

If you think this games is great, tell us why! Instead of blaming it on fanboys. The reviews are pretty spot on with the problems and they spell it out!

Lord_Sloth2421d ago

@ gamingdroid

Yes I have tried it and I enjoy it. I have enjoyed every NG game to date and NG3 is no exception. The story is actually here for once and the gameplay is still pretty much in tact. They added SoB which doesn't get in the way of the combat and the difficulty is still there on higher difficulties.

I grant you the lack of weapons but that was due to budget cuts because fans were crying about no Itagaki. Fans were damning this game before we even saw any footage of it in protest of losing Itagaki and it carried through.

NG3 is a solid Action title by every definition of the word, just with an expanded entry level but still with the difficulty the pros have come to expect.

That is why I like this game. I feel it was about time this series had a villain with some actual character and a storyline that was apparent.

gamingdroid2421d ago


Then you are in the minority that enjoyed this game. I think the critics has pretty much spoken about what they think. It sits less than 60 on metacritic, and you can blame the hate on lack of Itagaki, but my personal experience is this game [email protected] balls.

I didn't want Ninja Blade meets Dynasty Warrior with one weapon and severely dumbed down AI.

The story, I don't know, I couldn't bear finishing it. The premise is pretty dumb though, but I that didn't matter to me much. It's not Bioshock or Mass Effect here....

Lord_Sloth2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

You are stating nothing more than the obvious and, in my opinion, this feels nothing like Ninja Blade, nor Dynasty Warriors.

Regardless, we're arguing opinions which is meaningless. Good day.

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rogimusprime2421d ago

I own NGB, NG2, NGS, NGS2, and I have to say this game is pretty bad. In one section, you enter a room and hear the "muramasa shop" music. as you travel further, you see it's just a stupid jukebox. When you approach the jukebox, you get ambushed..... It's like they said "F*** YOU!!!" to all the fans of the prior games, and laughed about it.

They need to make a special edition "Ninja Gaiden 3: We're sorry"

mobhit2421d ago

And yet the game received 7/8 from other sites. Just because the game is different doesn't mean the game is horrible. Have any of you played it yourself instead of jumping to conclusions that it's bad just because a reviewer said its bad?

I enjoyed it and my opinion still stands. It's not a 3/10 game and its not a 5/10 game either.

Grimhammer002421d ago

I'm digging it! 7/10 for me. I've played all NG games. Even NES

It's not as good as earlier NG this gen...,but it's not a 3/10. Best I can accept is 5/10

I reserve 3/10 for serious issues with the engine. Franerates or connectivity.

The game plays well for what it is.

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