Nintendo: Full DS Games Not Coming to Wii Afterall

Turns out that New York Times story didn't just mix up the DS and PSP's features, oh and misspell Reggie's name twice, it also screwed up what exactly was downloadable to the Wii as a full-blown game and what was just for demos.

That's right, according to Nintendo, the Wii will not be able to transmit or download full DS games. Apparently the New York Times confused DS demos with WiiWare titles. So you can download full on Wii games, but only wireless DS demo game.

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Darkiewonder4032d ago

about GBA Flash Slot?

Boo. We all know it's possible!

At GDC Nintendo better announcement a Hard Drive or something to expand their Wii to make it bigger.

ISay4032d ago

thats why i dont trust the mainstream media for my gaming news, no hard drive on the we just internal memory

wiizy4032d ago

im sure nintendo will fix it so it works

ChickeyCantor4031d ago

the DS only has 4 MB ram, the DS read most of the data directly from the cardridge its impossible to stream all that data to 4mb of ram.
A DS game can lead up to 128 mb+.