Nielsen/VideoScan Numbers ending December 30th

Page 3 on the 'Home Page Magazine' it reports of the Blu-ray/HD DVD sales ratio for the week ending 30th December and this time Blu-ray leads by a ratio of 61:39.

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TANOD4033d ago

The last week should see even better sales

eagle214033d ago

and I agree with Tanod, it will be even better for last week..

TANOD4033d ago

PLUS the PIRATES (x rated) BD is selling like crazy

NOTE:- a BD title for the first time topped the AMAZON CHARTS

pwnsause4033d ago

YEA, High Def PrOn FTW!!!1

whoelse4033d ago

Previously all the Harry Potters on HD DVD were 1-5 on the amazon DVD charts but that's because of the BOGOF promotion.

heyheyhey4033d ago

oh crap whoelse you didn't steal the bogof story did you cause i posted that story, man you have a good eye for blu-ray stories i just cant keep up anyway i think its obvious who is going to win the format war- sony got some really nice supporters and its paying of big time

pwnsause4033d ago

yea. Congrats to Blu-ray for Winning another week for Dominating HD-DVD all year last year. cant wait for CES!

blusoops4033d ago

something to note: p.12 says that Blu-ray Harry Potter outsold HD-DVD's counterpart by about 13%. Also 300 on blu-ray made the top ten. I hope WB is paying attention!

ironwolf4033d ago

And wondering why Blu-Ray Harry Potter outsold HD-DVD Harry Potter by 23% (do the math) when Blu-Ray players out number HD-DVD players by 300%.

whengeeksgobad4033d ago

I hope they are too. They need to pick a side and end this thing. Honestly, I think there are a lot of things to consider besides just "who is winning ATM." Consider that PS3 makes up 93% of all blu ray players out there. Now consider that the attache rate for the average blu-ray player owner is .6. That means that on average, each blu ray player owner doesn't even own a full movie. The average attache rate for an HD-DVD owner is *SIX* movies.
Consider also that although there are millions of ps3's out there, but only a shave under a million hd-dvd players. **IF** what I'm saying remains true, then it is entirely possible that HD-DVD can potentially close the gap. All things considered, being that BD players outnumber HD-DVD players 4 or 5 to 1, its kind of suprising to see HD-DVD keeping up at all.
Full disclosure: I own an HD-DVD player, and I also want a ps3. What I want more than either is a single format though. Please dont accuse of me being a format fanboy. I love movies and games and I don't care how or what they are played on. I'm just trying to point out that although Blu Ray is winning by what seems like a noticeable margin, there are a number of things to consider. Particularly if you are a production house looking at saving money and choosing a format.

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