Famitsu Japan Game Sales: Wii Fit's Supply Shortages Bring it Down

1. Super Robot Wars OG Side Story (PS2) : about 199k (sell through % is about 70%)
2. Mario Party DS : about 162k (total about 1.23m)
3. FF4 DS : about 138k (total about 447k)
4. Star Ocean 1 First Departure (PSP) : about 115k
5. Wii Sports : about 94k (total about 2.47m)
6. DQ4 : about 90k (total about 1.05m)
7. Wii Fit : about 81k (total about 818k) (supply shortage)
8. Wii Play : about 72k (total about 1.99m)
9. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yakusoku (PSP) : about 71k
10. Super Mario Galaxy : about 68k (total about 748k)

Console :
Wii : about 162k
DSL : about 195k
PS3 : about 49k
PS2 : about 30k
PSP : about 158k
360 : about 9.2k

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MK_Red4037d ago

There will be Wii Fit shortages outside of Japan as well and just like Wii itself, Wii Fit will probably go for $500 or more on eBay and such while it isn't worth $5.

LanRanger4037d ago

Shouldn't the people actually buying it be the ones to determine if it's worth $5? People seem to be enjoying it, so get off their backs. I doubt you would like anybody trying to tell you what you should or shouldn't like.

Darkiewonder4037d ago

2 psp games over 70k sales. first time for that in a long while since Crisis Core.

LanRanger4037d ago

I'm a fan of the Wii, but you really ought to count 80% of Wii Play sales as hardware rather than software. It's a $40 controller with a $10 game.

PS360WII4037d ago

DQ IV crosses the million marker ^^

More shortages for Nintendo... man they just can't make anything now without it being sold out. Curse and a Blessing.

2 PSP games in the top as well good news seeing that the hardware sales are so good the software better be selling as well.

MK_Red4037d ago

I though DMC4 was coming this week in Japan or at least next one but the source says no special release :(

solar4037d ago

didnt you import your copy of Wii Fit?

MK_Red4037d ago

I'm one of those victims of shortages :)

Darkiewonder4037d ago

Comes out the last week of January for them.

jam94037d ago

will be released at Jan 31st. We, Japanese, are all waiting for the day. :)

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mintaro4037d ago

wii fit is gonna take the same route as the wii, with MAJOR shortages

MK_Red4037d ago

True, and also, major price rises.

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The story is too old to be commented.