Kickstarter 'The Last Hope' After Pitching Wasteland 2 For 10 Years - Fargo

NowGamer: Brian Fargo, inXile boss, has told NowGamer why he turned to Kickstarter for Wasteland 2.

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fastrez3103d ago

Let's hope it's worth the wait then :)

NYC_Gamer3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

I'm happy he took the indie/kickstarter route instead of dealing with some greedy EA type publisher

Xof3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Anyone else kind of... stunned at this Kickstarter nonsense? These people are basically saying, "Give us money for a project we may or may not work on at some future point in time."

Seems shady as hell to me.

EDIT: Sure, it'd be nice if the Kickstarting actually worked as promised... but that hasn't happened yet.

TitanUp3102d ago

actually worked as promised? they haven't gotten the money yet to start working on the game. so we don't actually know if kickstarter is a good thing or not

morventhus3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

KickStarters have been working for a while... in fact one of the kickstarters i funded for Orion:Prelude is giving me rewards right now... in fact Spiral Game Studios is giving all the people who funded the kickstarter another game they were working on Called Orion DinoBeatdown. (yes there two different games)
Ive also gotten rewards from other kickstarter projects as well

sure there may be people that havent fulfilled there kickstarters but so far the number of people who have really outways the number of people who havent...
in the end its all a trust system